Why Run A Branded Adwords Campaign?

Google Adwords is a great tool for lead generation. You can advertise to people at the exact moment that they are searching for your services, and you only pay when the searcher clicks on your ad (often for around $6 per click). There are few other marketing tools that allow for that kind of precision, making paid ads an integral part to a diversified marketing mix.

It makes perfect sense why a residential insulation company would, for example, be willing to pay for an ad to show when someone searches for “blown in insulation.” This keyword clearly drives at a service and would help searchers discover your company. It’s harder to see, however, why you would need to pay for an ad if someone searches for your exact company (or brand) name.

For many, this seems counterintuitive. Are you really telling me, Energy Circle, that I need to pay Google even when my organic search is number 1?

Yes, we are. Today, we’re making the case that a branded Adwords campaign is a worthy investment.

Why pay to advertise for my brand own name?

You own your brand name. No one else can use it. You would expect that if someone typed it into Google, they’d be able to find your site, and you wouldn’t have to pay for it. But, Google would not make any money if that was the case, and that’s why they allow competitors to show their ads when people search for your brand name.

While it may be frustrating to have to pay for clicks on your own brand name, it’s a necessary part of any Adwords campaign. Here are a few reasons why ensuring that you “own” your name online is important:

1. Keep your competitors away

Here’s a horror story: A homeowner in your area sees your commercial on TV or sees your truck drive by their home. The messaging on the truck and commercial are so appealing that it inspires them to do a full retrofit of their home. So they Google your company's name to find the phone number. But instead of finding your website at the top, they see an advertisement for your closest competitor! Plus, the competitor's ad is offering a 10% discount on whole-home insulation jobs!

Even if you are offering the exact same deal, the customer who had full intentions of contacting your company is now on your competitors website and reaching for their iphone....frightening.

If you are not running an Adwords brand campaign, it opens the doors for competitors to show their ads in the #1 spot on Google. Adwords can be your top salesman, but you don’t want a salesman who loses customers to competitors. Running a branded campaign keeps your ad in front of people who search for your company.

2. Dominate the first page of Google

When designing an advertisement, you will often hear the phrase “less is more.” This is completely untrue when it comes to the Google. The more real estate you can own on the search result page, the more likely people will be to find and click through to your site. A well-optimized site will show the Google My Business page, the top organic result, and when targeted optimally, a branded Adwords ad. When people type in your brand name, they should ideally be forced to scroll farther down the page to find anything other than your site. This also gives you an advantage over your competitors, since their results will be pushed far down page one or even to page two.

Dominate the first page of Google

CARJON is dominating!

3. Control the messaging

Google is nice enough to give us some choices for how our site displays in organic search results. We can choose our meta data, our business category on Google My Business, our address, etc. However, if Google ever sees it fit to show something that we did not choose, they have complete freedom to do so. Unwanted changes could include Google showing a bad review, a meta description different than the one we wrote, or site links that we would rather not have show up as prominently in search results for our company.

Don’t let Google control what you tell your customers

Our search result displays a site link from a 2011 blog post, even though we’ve got tons of more recent (and more visited) blogs and other pages.

With a branded Adwords campaign, you get to choose every character of the ad. You write the headline, the text, and every extension that is available. This way, you can keep your best deals and most appealing offers in front of potential customers. Don’t let Google control what you tell your customers--take it into your own hands!

4. Ad extensions increase click through rates

Google is continually expanding the Adwords platform. Ad extensions are the extra text you see on an advertisement, such as a click to call button, a location or site link extension, and as of a few weeks ago, review extensions that show third party reviews on your ads. These review extension can boost clickthrough rates by up to 10%. Often these ad extensions will show up on brand searches, allowing you to offer even more information to potential customers.

Adding a click-to-call button to the search engine result pages is an online marketer's dream come true. It lets the customer contact the company in the simplest way possible: with a single click.

Ad extensions increase click through rates!

5. It costs, like…$1.75 (or just $150 a month)

Business owners often resist putting money into a brand campaign. Brand campaigns, however, are very inexpensive--often you can see cost per clicks of under $2. For a decently sized HVAC company that commands its share of brand searches, this usually totals around $150 per month.  A cost under $2 per click seems quite fair in comparison to HVAC keywords, which can hover around $12 a click, or insurance quote keywords (upwards of $50 a click) and online college keyword clicks (around $70 apiece). Let’s consider ourselves lucky!

6. Other Reasons

  • Your organic listing is not showing site links

  • Your site links aren’t what you want

  • If your name is not exclusive, if often misspelled, or gets confused with other local companies (or companies with the same name in other parts of the country), this is a great option to help people find you

So, why pay for a click if someone is already interested in your brand? Remember that, like it or not, if you aren’t dominating the real estate around your brand name, it is just a matter of time before someone else does.

Our team can help you set up and run a branded Adwords campaign that will help you crush your competition. Contact us today to learn more about our pay-per-click marketing services.

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