Focused in the Westchester, NY area, BrightHOME delivers high-performance insulation, diagnostic testing (including energy audits), air sealing, and various other energy efficiency solutions for residential and multifamily customers. BrightHome management and directors have deep experience building companies through a strong customer orientation. With a company culture focused around protecting the environment and eliminating carbon emissions, BrightHOME is making a difference in the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of homes across New York.

The Challenge:

Initially branded as a home performance company, BrightHOME Energy Solutions tested and successfully adopted a shift in their targeting to a more environmentally-conscious audience. The company had been consistent brand-wise, but the website design and hierarchy needed work, as did the targeting of their digital marketing campaigns. Energy Circle was tasked with diversifying BrightHOME’s digital marketing mix and making an effective change to their site’s messaging and website structure. The ultimate goal was to make their website a conversion machine.

The Solution:

Our team created a fully customized website that is optimized for search results. Our customized web platform works effectively to generate leads through the system’s unique and personalized content management tools. After launching the new BrightHOME site, their team enlisted the help of Energy Circle’s Marketing and Lead Generation Services -- which include content, email, paid social media and paid search engine marketing -- to help continue to drive traffic and conversion on a consistent, monthly basis.

Since working with our team, BrightHOME has seen significant gains in its online performance. The website’s traffic has steadily been on the rise, and costs per lead have remained consistently low.

The Data: 

Growth in Overall Website Traffic (YOY)109%
Increase in New Users On-Site 88%
Growth in Paid, Organic and Direct Traffic29%

1-on-1 Marketing Benchmark Analysis

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Having worked with over 400 companies across the US in the better building industry, Energy Circle has developed key benchmarks that every company should be meeting. Gain from our perspective with a 1-on-1 marketing benchmark analysis to see how your digital presence compares and learn about solutions to take your digital marketing to the next level. Your evaluation will include key areas such as website health/performance, SEO, reviews, content, conversion optimization and paid search engine marketing.