Founded in 1999, Warren Construction Group is a Maine-based residential and commercial construction company. From custom homes to campus buildings, the group, headed by Peter Warren, strikes a balance between foundational building principles and innovative construction techniques. The group works out of a repurposed barn and partners closely with building owners and architects to achieve professional, quality results.

The Challenge

While Warren’s old site contained small (but high-resolution) images, their images and content weren’t as effective as they could be at telling the group’s story. The site also was primarily commercial-focused, though their actual market is heavily focused on residential and institutional projects. The challenge was to include both the residential and commercial sides of their businesses in a way that highlighted their work without overshadowing the rest of the site (including the team, services, etc.). Warren has also become the go-to General Contractor in Maine for high performance, energy efficient buildings, and this wasn’t reflected on their prior site.

The Solution

Launched in November 2015, Warren’s new site is filled with beautiful imagery and design that effectively showcases their work and sets them apart as detail-oriented builders. Their improved lead capture strategy focuses on finding high-quality leads, rather than large number of unqualified ones. The company’s logo, site’s color pallet and web outlines bridge the gap between their residential and commercial audiences, creating a soft, warm, inviting color scheme that compliments the company’s brand.

Warren Construction Group

As we continue to be very pleased with our new website, we wanted to thank the team at Energy Circle for the exceptional work performed on our behalf. There is a great buzz in comments from our friends who have seen it and we know it has been long overdue and very well received.

[The] team is patient, knowledgeable, and collaborative in a way that made the outcome so special. We are not easy to work with and had a very tight launch schedule...just like many of our clients, so we are especially appreciative of your efforts.

Peter Warren
Freeport, ME

The Data: 

45% growth in organic traffic.
47% increase in mobile traffic.
Organic users averaging 4 pages per visit!
Average user spends 2:34 on the site.

Services Provided

1-on-1 Marketing Benchmark Analysis

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