Energy Circle Core Principles

The Energy Circle team is driven by a set of principles that guide not only how we do business, but how we define ourselves as a company.

Whether you are a prospective client, a job-seeker, or a friend, the following points are intended to give you some insight into what drives us:

Energy Circle is...

Mission Driven.

We aim to make a difference in the world (with a focus on greater energy efficiency) via a vibrant energy efficiency contracting sector (meaning successful, profitable businesses). Great work is a means to accomplishing big and meaningful things.


We are humans and citizens, and incredibly fortunate to have a customer community that is too.

Passionate About Our Customers.

We live, eat and breathe customer service. Since our customers spend their days crawling in attics, and nights and weekends attending to their business, those are the shoes we need to live in.


We’re “figure it out” types. Self-starting, self-managing and self-measuring are key traits (aka trust, autonomy, responsibility). We believe that coaching has a higher impact than managing, so that’s where we put our energy.


The Agile concept guides everything we do — beyond just software development. Success in business requires quickness, smarts and adaptability.


We believe that transparent business practices lead to greater trust, a greater sense of shared responsibility, and a stronger team.

An Idea Company.

Everyone on our team has an inspiration quota.

Cutting Edge.

We are playing at the cutting edge of internet communication technology. Digital citizens only, please.


We’re honored to be a part of the energy efficiency community and committed to giving back to it.

Passionate About Our Field.

While you don’t need to be an energy efficiency geek right out of the box to join the EC team, you should be excited to head there.


We hate sweat shop work environments, but we love the work we’re doing, and from time to time a focused sprint is the way to get things done.


Our business model is not built on hourly billing and utilization, but on sustained quality and customer satisfaction. (Take note, agency slaves.)

1-on-1 Marketing Benchmark Analysis

Admit it...keeping up with digital marketing can be challenging. Let us help.

Having worked with over 400 companies across the US in the better building industry, Energy Circle has developed key benchmarks that every company should be meeting. Gain from our perspective with a 1-on-1 marketing benchmark analysis to see how your digital presence compares and learn about solutions to take your digital marketing to the next level. Your evaluation will include key areas such as website health/performance, SEO, reviews, content, conversion optimization and paid search engine marketing.