The Amazing Power of Branding: the Best Way for Performance Home Services & HVAC Companies to Boost Revenue and Profits?

Contrary to popular belief, your company’s “brand” isn’t just your logo and color scheme. In today’s hyper-connected world, “brand” encompasses a number of signals and factors that create the face of your company to the outside world. 

In this live broadcast, our CEO and founder, Peter Troast, will review what today’s definition of “brand” looks like as well as its implications for your company. We'll look at the “brand” issue from start to finish, pointing out some easy ways to assess its strength and covering tips for making it more powerful. Peter will walk you through why it’s crucial to focus on consistency in online and offline representation of your brand as well as tips for tightening up inconsistencies. A powerful brand can enhance customer acquisition, search rankings and trust factors. Are you ready to amp up your company’s branding? 

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