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Recruitment and Careers Page Upgrades

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Recruiting is a constant source of stress for many contractors—finding reputable, qualified candidates can be a daunting task. Improving the online presence of your recruitment strategy and career options is an optimal way to attract strong candidates and leverage your reputation and business to grow a strong, talented team.

A prominently displayed, expertly-designed career page on your website is an excellent opportunity to put your company values on display for potential candidates, as well as highlighting the value of a position on your team. 

Our web development team is on-hand to design and implement upgrades and enhancements to your website that may include:

  • Redesigned webpage following the motif of the current website

  • Greater emphasis on the benefits of working at your company

  • Articulation of the company mission

  • Strong teamwork statement and testimonials from employees

  • Clear, concise “how-to-apply” information  

  • Potential for the addition of recruitment videos or assistance writing job descriptions


  • One client experienced an increase of over 490% page views to their employment page.

  • A revamped careers page project for one client took an unranked careers page to an average SERP rank of 28.3—a significant improvement.

  • After the launch of their new careers page, one client experienced a 26% drop in page bounce rate.

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