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March 26

Google’s Mobile Armageddon: What You Need to Know (and Do) by April 21st Professional content

How to determine whether your website (and your business) will be impacted by the Google Mobile Armageddon algorithm update going into place on April 21. Read the full story

February 23

The Uber-ization of Home Performance: Will "On-Demand Local Services" Eat Your Lunch? Professional content

The players in the emerging ODLS market

Energy Circle begins our evaluation of on demand local services (ODLS), which are especially relevant to the local marketing landscape. It is a trend that is reshaping how the home performance industry interacts with… Read the full story

February 12

Moz’s LocalUp Local Search Conference: Key Takeaways for the Home Performance Community Professional content

35 Tweets That Show How You Missed LocalUp

Peter Troast, Energy Circle’s CEO & Founder, breaks down the best of the best from this year's premier digital marketing event, LocalUp Advanced SEO, from the latest in local tactics for PPC to reviews… Read the full story

January 28

Customer Lifetime Value in Home Performance: Are You Thinking Long Term? Professional content

The cheapest lead is the customer you already have: CLV Takeaways.

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a tool we use in home performance marketing to measure the "worth" of a lead over time rather than for just one job. Read the full story

January 18

Adventures in Hiring at Energy Circle (or How Not To Do Stupid Things) Professional content

From our experience hiring people at Energy Circle, this post is the cheat. Think of it as an important read before you spend a few hours applying for a job with us. Read the full story

January 8

2015 Home Performance Trends: Peter Troast's Predictions Professional content

Home performance companies should develop a solar offering in 2015

Our perspective on the coming year from a business, economy and policy viewpoint. No doubt an interesting year ahead with some serious challenges and exceptional opportunities. Read the full story

December 30

Energy Circle Year in Review 2014 Professional content

It was a big year for us at Energy Circle. Here's a summary of accomplishments, new products launched, results we've achieved for clients and a peek at what's on our minds for 2015. Plus… Read the full story

December 18

From the Experts: Home Performance Industry Predictions for 2015 Professional content

Home Performance Industry Predictions for 2015

With the fast-paced changes in technology and policy shaping our industry, 2015 will be an exciting and innovative year in home performance. Read the full story

December 11

A Look Back on 2014: Did Our Predictions Make the Grade? Professional content

Aggregate Paid Search Performance | Energy Circle

It’s becoming a tradition at Energy Circle that at the end of each year we take a look back and the trends and opportunities that we forecasted for the previous year. Before we eagerly… Read the full story

November 20

How to Do Mobile Right: Building an Action Based Mobile Site to Drive Leads Professional content

Energy Circle Action Based Mobile Marketing

By following a few simple guidelines to build an effective mobile site you can maximize a call to action that connects with new customers when they need your services the most. Read the full story