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April 10

My Experience as an Energy Circle Intern Professional content

Conrad Birkett, Energy Circle Intern

What it's like to be selected for the Energy Circle internship program. What one intern had to say. Read the full story

April 9

Social Media is Becoming More Visual. How Do You Keep Up? Professional content

How to use images to effectively promote your Home Performance blog content on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Read the full story

March 13

9 Ways to Beat Google's Location Bias While Avoiding the Pitfalls of "Thin Content" Professional content

Best practices for home performance companies looking to increase search traffic for multiple service area geographies, and what to avoid at all costs. Read the full story

March 6

Google+ Local Update: Dealing with the "Forced March to Social" Professional content

How home performance companies can deal with recent changes to Google+ Local, including the so-called "forced march to social," in order to get the ball out of Google's court and into yours. Read the full story

February 20

Survival Guide to the Google+ Local Merge Professional content

How to proceed with Google+ Local listings in the midst of the merge between Google Places and Google Plus. Read the full story

February 6

SEO Quick-Tip: Link Building Still Matters Professional content

While link-building has become something of a dirty word in the SEO and internet marketing world, having good, high quality links to your site is still an important part of SEO. Read the full story

January 30

Can You Beat the Review Sites? (Yes, You Can.) Professional content

How to compete with third party review sites and get your website showing up at the top of search results for key search terms in the home performance world. Read the full story

January 29

The Best Commentary About Google's Nest Purchase Professional content

A roundup of the best commentary about Google's purchase of Nest, manufacturer of the world's hippest thermostat, particularly as it pertains to the future of smart homes and energy efficiency. Read the full story

January 23

A Few Home Performance Companies Killing It on Facebook Professional content

A few home performance companies doing a great job on Facebook, curated here for your inspiration and enjoyment. Read the full story

January 14

Why Google's Acquisition of Nest is Great News for the Home Performance Industry Professional content

Google's acquisition of Nest is a very good sign for the home performance industry because the underlying math that had to have been Google's calculus for justifying a $3.2 billion dollar valuation is fundamentally… Read the full story