Energy Circle builds tools and services to grow companies and organizations dedicated to providing comfortable, efficient, healthy buildings. It’s our job to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing. It’s your job to make better buildings. We’re here to help you move that needle.

Who We Are

We are a digital army* of marketing and development professionals with diverse backgrounds who work every day to find germane solutions to the challenges within the building performance sector. Today, we support 350 of the most successful home performance contractors, HVAC companies, sustainable architects and low-energy builders across 49 US states.

Founded in 2008, we’re totally committed to our clients. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships built on trust, mutual understanding and a thirst for lead-generating innovation. When you work with us, you invest marketing dollars only in what works best.

*As described by BPI's Larry Zarker upon awarding the 2015 Tony Woods Award.

Our Mission

Buildings in the US rank as one of the top contributors of energy use and carbon emissions, third only to the entire countries of the United States and China. This, in our view, is an enormous business opportunity that will be realized primarily by a new breed of building science-conscious contractor.

Our mission is to use our deep experience in business strategy, web and software development, strategic marketing, brand creation, design and optimized content creation to support your organization. We build tools and services to grow companies and organizations dedicated to providing comfortable, efficient, healthy buildings. Our success is reflected in the success of our clients and, in turn, on their impact on better buildings, lower energy use and carbon reduction across the country.

Our Solution

We’ve built our innovative website platform as a digital marketing tool to help companies dramatically grow their businesses. We offer comprehensive marketing services that encompass the most effective tactics with the highest ROI for clients, and we’re constantly developing more. Energy Circle’s project managers and account managers excel at communication and will work collaboratively with you on each step of the process to ensure your solution is practical, scalable and permanent. Our platform and services enable contractors to easily manage their marketing efforts, maintain a dynamic online presence, capture quality leads and take advantage of online marketing opportunities in their multifarious forms.

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