Get Started Saving Energy: A Video Guide to Busting Inertia.

You want to be in great shape. You think about that as you walk to the freezer at 10am and reach for the ice cream. You think, "This is not the way to get into shape," so you suck in your stomach. That takes muscle. You think, "Maybe that's exercise. Does that count?" Your friends assure you that sucking in your stomach is not an ab workout. This is disappointing. You just need to get started, get into the groove, and you'll be buff. You just need a nudge.

The next day, a friend yells up to your bedroom window from the street. "Come on. Let's go." You get out of bed. You hate your friend. You stumble downstairs and put on running shoes. The first few steps actually hurt. And then... you are underway. You feel great. You only run for 15 minutes, but now you know you can do this.  Two days later, your alarm goes off early enough for a run. You are reaching for the snooze button when your friend bellows, "Come on, let's go." You go. You go again and again and you reach your goal. You feel great. You are amazing.

All it takes is a nudge. Most of us want to be in shape, and we want to have our houses in shape, too. But how do you get started? Here's our video:

And a quick review:

1. Get a nudge - Having TED, the Energy Detective on your counter is a daily "Let's go!"
2. Switch to Energy Efficient bulbs - Stretch up, and twist. Done.
3. Slay Vampires with smart strips - No more night snacks for the game station.
4. Install a programmable thermostat -  Your running buddy. Big help, but no work.
5. Shower (ahem, please) using a low-flow showerhead.

Finally, check out the math. Follow these 5 steps and you can save over $500.00 every year. Every year. That's a lot of new running shoes (or ice cream).

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