Hot Tweets From A Real-Time Electricity Monitor

Energy Circle's TED StreamAs we prepare to celebrate Canada Day (July 1) and Independence Day (July 4), we wanted to bring you up to date on the Energy Circle house's efforts to break free from the tyranny of its electricity bill, and let you in on a secret: We've got a really witty Twitterer on staff.

Sending data to Twitter isn't entirely novel. Tweet-A-Watt folks broke the ice for us, and an IBM guru on the Isle of Wight is sending Twitter data on everything from his outdoor lights to his mouse-traps.  Our Twitter stream is different. Our geeks altered TED, The Energy Detective to send Kilowatt hours, both accumulated throughout the day ("today") and at the moment of the annotation ("now") directly to our website and to Twitter.  But that's just the numbers. Lisa takes the numbers and makes sense of them, accounting for lulls and sleuthing out the cause of spikes.  And then, incredibly enough, over and over again, she comes up with a pithy 140 character comment, explanation, or insight for @EnergyCircleKW.

To be honest, we thought the annotations would get dry after a while. Wrong. Recently, the Energy Circle staff got together and picked our favorite @EnergyCircleKW Tweets. Here's what the pulse of this house is telling Lisa ... our Top Ten:

10. Clean pants are overrated. (10.1kWh today / 8.12kW now)

9. Yippee - I'm not home, but I can tell they're all outside playing! (11.7kWh today / 0.54kW now)

8. Breakfast sandwich extravaganza. Always worth the KWh. (6.0kWh today / 3.26kW now)

7. That - Just looks like it hurts, doesn't it? (21.4kWh today / 1.48kW now)

6. Nothing. - Figment of your imagination. Hiccup. TEDtrum. (9.0kWh today / 34.54kW now)

5. Everyone disses the toaster, but it's on mere minutes. Besides--toasted banana bread! (7.9kWh today / 1.53kW now)

4. Gonna start charging the kids per KWh of TV watched. I'm liking it.

3. Space heater? - In May? That is so wrong.(14.8kWh today / 2.08kW now)

2. OK! I'll start hanging clothes on dental floss if I have to. Dryer is evil. (9.4kWh today / 4.25kW now)

1.  It wasn't me. (16.2kWh today / 1.98kW now)

So maybe you can't Twitter like Lisa... But wouldn't you like to know if your house has a pulse? Find out! Get Yourself a TED -  which we are now offering at a freshly fabulous price. (What once was $144.95 is now $119.95!) Beat that. Oh, that's right... you can't.

To have a constant read-out of your electricity use, and your home's pulse, you need only set TED upon your kitchen counter and take a look.  Energy Circle's energy use dropped 16% in the first month, and has been on the decline ever since.

If you'd like your TED to send its data to Twitter and/or a visual screen like ours, you'll need to buy some additional equipment and follow our directions for our TED Open Source.

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