Wattvision Power Monitor: Best Price through Energy Circle

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By Tom Harrison - November 17th, 2010

Wattvision's electricity monitor is now for sale -- we think it was worth the wait!  If you have been thinking about an energy monitor, but are looking for something simple, "electrician free", quick to install and with the ability to record your usage over time, Wattvision is for you.

We have been testing Wattvision since early last Winter, and watched a great product get better -- it has always "just worked", which isn't something we have found with most other power monitors we have tested, especially ones that connect to your network.  We have helped refine some details.

As a "thanks" to the Energy Circle family, purchases through our store are elegible for a discount -- Energy Circle has the best price anywhere, but only for a few weeks.

The product is deceptively simple: a flexible plastic strap fits around your electricity meter, with a velcro closure.  A blinking light confirms you have things lined up.  We like the BlueLine monitor, which also attaches to your meter also, but with Wattvision, one step replaces the longer setup procedure of BlueLine.  And unlike all other monitors except BlueLine, you do not need to open your electric panel, and only need one even if your home has multiple 200A panels as many new houses do.

Concerned about whether your meter will work?  No worries there -- before you pay, Wattvision will positively confirm that your house's electric meter is compatible. And most meters are, even the old spinning dial analog ones.

The connection to your network couldn't be easier.  No, really, there's no way it could be easier.  When you make your purchase you set up your private, secure and free account, and enter your wireless network info then and there -- the wireless connection is set up when the unit arrives.  Plug it in, it connects.

What does it do?  In your own account, you can see current usage, detail over time, and history, and if you're feeling like a little competition, make your usage public, and a daily ranking shows how you're doing.  A weekly email update with usage help you keep an eye on things.  Enable alerts to let you know if there's a problem, or if you're using more electricity than expected.  Got a smartphone?  No apps to buy -- a simple webpage designed for your phone's small site gives you a hand-held, real-time electricity monitor display.  And, Wattvision can also send your usage to Google PowerMeter, which provides some other goodies.

Be amongst the first to get a Wattvision monitor, and save by buying now through Energy Circle.

Here's the usage from one of our houses -- just one of the many views available online.  How cool is that?


Excellent news! Posted by David Glover on Nov 18, 2010 12:31pm

Excellent news indeed!

David -- I watched your You Tube video (linked on your name) and highly recommend all readers check out what David says -- not only is it spot on, but it's funny as hell.


Posted by Tom Harrison on Nov 18, 2010 12:59pm

Great information.

Posted by Philippe Berard on Apr 7, 2015 1:26am

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