Infographic: Nuclear Power vs. Energy Efficient Homes.

Our friends at Energy Savvy continue to be great visual communicators of the benefits of energy efficiency. Yesterday we stumbled across this great infographic that provides a powerful visual demonstration of the economics, as well as the job-creating potential, of residential energy efficiency vs. building nuclear power plants

In short: For less than half the cost of replacing just 1 nuclear power plant, we could retrofit 1.6 million homes for energy efficiency and reduce the need for the same amount of energy the plant would produce. Doing so would also create 90 times more jobs than replacing the power plant.

In addition to the job-creating benefits of a residential energy efficiency project of this scale, it would improve indoor comfort and reduce utility bills for 1.6 million families. You can imagine the economic benefits of that. 

Without further ado, we present to you the brilliant nuclear vs. energy efficiency infographic from Energy Savvy:

Energy Savvy Infographic: Nuclear vs. Energy Efficient Homes


Where's the backup calculation?!

Energy efficiency is very important. It's the only short term solution available, and it lasts. It's a good way to stop using oil and gas for heating homes, and reducing imports.

However, electricity is critical to our civilization. You can't replace it with insulation. We need electric power for manufacturing, medicine, safety, water purification, sanitation, communications, ......

And your cost for a nuke is hight by an order of magnitude!

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The data behind the infographic is here on the Energy Savvy site, from which this was taken. The nuclear cost data has definitely generated a lot of discussion. There is quite a comment stream on this topic on a version of this that was cross posted on the Energy Collective site

That said, what I particularly liked about this infographic was the efficiency jobs information. Too few people understand that investments in efficiency are job producing, and not particularly outsourceable. 


I would rather shut the coal fired plants than the nuclear ones.

Energy efficiency is the panacea to all our energy and climate problems.

Very good infographic with the green jobs created ! Thanks for sharing !

Late response- it would seem add'l capacity and retrofits at the grid scale with solar csp or similar would be less(?) still given the cost parity with natural gas. The cooling system for nuclear being a possible solar power turbine for peak capacity also.
just a few late thoughts...

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