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Relied on by more than 12,000 energy efficiency contractors and professionals, from the Department of Energy to TruTech Tools, the Energy Circle Insights Blog is a smorgasbord of digital marketing advice and guidance. Tune in for insightful data about the future of the building science industry, marketing tips, the most up-to-date lead generation strategies, and much more.

Blank Space: Google Drops Paid Sidebar Early 2016
We’ve said it before, but the only constant to Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is change. Once again, Google has made a monumental change that affects a huge percentage of searches -- this time focused on the paid search results.
The Web of Keyword Suggestions | Energy Circle
In the world of successful, discoverable content, keywords are, well, key -- an invaluable piece of content strategy. A well-formatted, error-less piece of writing is great, but if it doesn’t incorporate words and phrases that Googlers are actually Googling, it can get lost in the internet ether....
2016: Home Performance, Solar, Programs & More | Energy Circle
We’ve previously discussed energy prices, new financing options, the march of solar, the Uber-ization of home services, the role of health as a driver and the evolution of utility efficiency programs. Here are few of the key trends that Energy Circle is excited about.
2016 Marketing Predictions for Home Performance
Digital marketing will continue to advance in 2016 and will shape the specific tactics that successful home performance organizations need to have in their overall lead generation mix.
2016 Predictions from Industry Experts
Each year, we survey the home performance intelligensia (aka our friends, colleagues and clients) for their soothsaying on the year ahead. Feast on an especially prescient and juicy set of predictions for 2016.
Paid Ad Extensions Take Hold
2015 was a year of innovation and change in the world of paid search marketing. Energy Circle has long advocated for the role of paid search in the marketing mix of companies delivering comfort, efficiency and healthy home services, and that opinion is as strong as ever. We continue to achieve...
Facebook Services for local business reviews and ratings
Everyone knows local business review sites are a giant and lucrative market. For the past few years, we’ve been waiting for Facebook to play its card in this category. Despite having a review feature for businesses and more than 1 billion users, Facebook has never had a clear local business...
Energy Circle's Development Team Hard At Work

Our digital team works long hours on behalf of our client base, but a lot of that work is behind the scenes. As the Energy Circle blog evolves to include the voices of our entire company, we thought it was a good moment to shine the spotlight on our developers...

Good Calls To Action: Providing Context & Driving Leads

Writing strong, contextualized calls to action (CTAs) on your site is extremely important for driving conversions. Providing web visitors with an obvious next step via a strong call to action is the best way to turn readers into potential customers.

Energy Circle Academy

We are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of Energy Circle Academy, an easy-to-use online platform for your continuing education in home performance marketing. The Academy will be officially launching in 2016, and will include participation by home performance industry...


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