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Relied on by more than 12,000 energy efficiency contractors and professionals, from the Department of Energy to TruTech Tools, the Energy Circle Insights Blog is a smorgasbord of digital marketing advice and guidance. Tune in for insightful data about the future of the building science industry, marketing tips, the most up-to-date lead generation strategies, and much more.

Good Calls To Action: Providing Context & Driving Leads

Writing strong, contextualized calls to action (CTAs) on your site is extremely important for driving conversions. Providing web visitors with an obvious next step via a strong call to action is the best way to turn readers into potential customers.

Energy Circle Academy

We are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of Energy Circle Academy, an easy-to-use online platform for your continuing education in home performance marketing. The Academy will be officially launching in 2016, and will include participation by home performance industry...

Google Analytics Energy Circle

Some of the website analytics game is a matter of looking under the hood and checking the oil: You can learn what you need to know in a few minutes, then close the hood and move on. Most of the work we do with site data, however, is more involved – an ongoing, weekly or daily process of checking...

Build more positive reviews & monitor/alert for negative reviews.
As you know from our past blog posts, online reviews are very important for home performance companies. Reviews allow customers to trust your company and they improve local SEO. At Energy Circle, we follow a three step process for managing online reviews.
The internet doesn’t take the weekend off. Avoid 'Closed Now' listing on Google.
Almost every local search result for home performance has been relegated to the local 3 stack. As if it weren’t hard enough to rank, now we’re competing for only 3 spaces. Additionally your hours of operation are now much more prominently displayed in the search result. And, most importantly, if...
Components of a Rockin Facebook Ad Campaign for Home Performance Professionals
By now you’re 1.) convinced that using Facebook ads is a great idea for your business and 2.) really good at targeting your specific audience. The final ingredient for your potent Facebook ad cocktail? The ad itself. Learn all about crafting your perfect Facebook ad in this post, part 3 of the 3-...
Google Local Search Packs Move to a 3 display.
On August 7th, Mother Google dropped another bombshell. This one affects all local businesses, but has important implications for companies providing all types of home performance services, from HVAC to insulation to healthy home.
Sales funnel for High Performance Home Builders: multi-stage lead capture
One of the greatest marketing challenges for builders and remodelers, and especially for those in the high performance (or green or passive or net zero or EnergyStar) market, is lead capture. At Energy Circle, we think of this as the challenge of multi-stage lead capture.
Energy Circle's EC PRO platform has built in Lead Capture Forms.
At Energy Circle, when we talk about utilizing landing pages, we are referring to pages that drive conversions and target a specific service or offering. We review how to create lead-generating landing pages.
Amazing Targeting for Low Cost | Facebook Paid Campaigns
New to Facebook ads? Be sure to check out Part 1 of my 3-part series: Why Use Facebook Ads? 5 Reasons to Start Your Campaigns TODAY. This is Part 2.


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