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Innovations in Home Performance Marketing: A Contractors Panel

The ACI National Conference is my favorite event of the year - exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. Add in a healthy dose of New Orleans shenanigans and, well… let’s just say my recovery isn’t quite complete. Here are some things that stood out for me:

Google+ Page Helps Inspect It Right Rank in Google Search with Stars!
Keeping your website fresh is one of the most challenging things contractors face, but an increasingly critical part to making your online presence perform. Herewith: 5 things you should try to do every week that will markedly improve your sites performance.
At Energy Circle, we’re constantly scanning the landscape to uncover new revenue opportunities for home performance experts. Despite a long, cold winter, things have been heating up in the infrared thermography market based on groundbreaking research on the connections between a person’s body heat...
How to determine whether your website (and your business) will be impacted by the Google Mobile Armageddon algorithm update going into place on April 21.
The players in the emerging ODLS market
Energy Circle begins our evaluation of on demand local services (ODLS), which are especially relevant to the local marketing landscape. It is a trend that is reshaping how the home performance industry interacts with various verticals.
35 Tweets That Show How You Missed LocalUp
Peter Troast, Energy Circle’s CEO & Founder, breaks down the best of the best from this year's premier digital marketing event, LocalUp Advanced SEO, from the latest in local tactics for PPC to reviews and local search domination.
The cheapest lead is the customer you already have: CLV Takeaways.
The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a tool we use in home performance marketing to measure the "worth" of a lead over time rather than for just one job.
Home performance companies should develop a solar offering in 2015
Our perspective on the coming year from a business, economy and policy viewpoint. No doubt an interesting year ahead with some serious challenges and exceptional opportunities.
Home Performance Industry Predictions for 2015

With the fast-paced changes in technology and policy shaping our industry, 2015 will be an exciting and innovative year in home performance.

Aggregate Paid Search Performance | Energy Circle
It’s becoming a tradition at Energy Circle that at the end of each year we take a look back and the trends and opportunities that we forecasted for the previous year. Before we eagerly plan for clients and map out our own growth for the future, we want to look back and grade our predictions from...


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