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Is AI Capable of Producing Marketing Videos for Your Business?

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Artificial Intelligence seems to be everywhere as of late, and we already know about the language power of products like Chat GPT and image creation power of programs like Midjourney and Dall-e. How is AI being integrated into video, and can it make usable marketing videos for the HVAC, home performance, and solar industries? Energy Circle Content Writer Bethany Violette asks our Senior Media Producer, Jake Van Paepeghem, “What can AI do when it comes to video?” 


PICTORY Videographic

This AI video is a collection of existing stock videos, stock music, and on-screen animations that are taken from an existing blog about “How Heat Pumps Work”, on an HVAC contractor website. As you can see, the automatic interpretation of the article makes some pretty hilarious choices for relevant stock video.

Vernon and Ashlie S. from Synthesia

Using one of the pre-existing avatars on Synthesia offers easy access to a professionally trained AI that can swap backgrounds, AI generated voices, and even diction at the click of a button. Synthesia also offers the option to record your own avatar, using a well-lit environment, a solid color background, and a few other requirements, send it in to Synthesia, and a full ten business days later you will receive your own personalized avatar. What are they doing in that ten days? That feels a little like looking behind the curtain at the Willy Wonka factory, but with that long of a lead time we would wager a guess that humans are heavily involved in the process.

Claymation Bethany from Runway

This AI “preset” from Runway was one of many others, like “futuristic” or “sci-fi” (see below), which we also included here to show how finicky this tech can still be. There might not yet be much of this that is usable for our industries, other than to provide some entertainment — they sure are a hit in the Energy Circle Slack channels!

Sci Fi



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