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sheet of paper that says landing page with illustration next to coffee cup
October 16, 2019

Upgrade your website's landing pages and see an increase in conversion and lead generation for your business. Energy Circle explains why advanced landing pages should be a digital marketing priority for your home performance, HVAC, and solar...

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digital marketing team discussing local branding during an office meeting
October 9, 2019

Struggling to transition from newspaper ads to Google My Business? Improve your local brand marketing strategies online with these ideas and tips from Energy Circle. Learn what you can do to build an audience, find customers online, and generate...

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grass growing out of an energy efficient LED lightbulb in a field
October 2, 2019

For Energy Efficiency Day 2019, take a look at this behind the scenes video filmed in Energy Circle's Portland ME offices! We detail some of our initiatives to cut back on office energy usage and make our working spaces more environmentally...

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man reading laptop computer with coffee, tablet, and phone next to him
September 25, 2019

Looking to read up on the latest home performance, HVAC, or solar news? Separating the wheat from the chaff can be tricky with so much misinformation available today. Here are the 9 blogs we've been reading to keep us up to date on our building...

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man holding smartphone camera in front of face
September 18, 2019

Have you struggled to curate original, authentic, on the job content for use on your solar, home performance, or HVAC website? Here's what the digital marketers over at Energy Circle want you to know about a powerful on-the-job image capturing...

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September 11, 2019

An integrated marketing strategy combines multiple digital tactics like SEO, content, and PPC into one unified plan that leverages the strength of each tactic. Find out how your HVAC, solar, or home performance business can benefit from an...

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two podcast mics set up on table
September 4, 2019

Popular music streaming services like Spotify are snatching up podcasting companies like Anchor and Gimlet Media. But why?

man laying out plan on floor with words online marketing painted on it
August 27, 2019

What does it take to run a successful promotion for your HVAC, home performance, or solar business? Learn how to coordinate your messaging across all of your digital marketing channels so you can get the most out of your promotion campaign from...

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August 21, 2019

Building conferences are a great method for networking and learning, and you can use your attendance to grow your business and better serve your customers. Energy Circle breaks down Building Conferences 101 and recommends six shows we're...

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content marketing on ipad flat lay with office supplies
August 14, 2019

What topics are your HVAC, Home Performance, and Solar customers most interested in? And what types of content marketing perform the best when it comes to supporting online visibility? A good digital marketing plan should include a supply of...

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