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May 1, 2024

Learn the latest about the IRA home electrification & efficiency rebates, including which states have applied. Need help marketing incentives for your better building business? Schedule a free discovery call with Energy Circle today.

April 18, 2024

Being a Nest professional is just one of the ways that energy efficiency contractors can help differentiate their businesses and stand out—learn how on our blog!

Ghosts or Gusts title card
April 1, 2024

Explore Energy Circle's new unscripted reality series, debunking 'haunted' homes with building science, for healthier and more energy-efficient living spaces.

A residential and commercial building side by side with solar panels installed
March 27, 2024
Discover how commercial solar installations, particularly on non-profit organizations, can significantly boost residential solar demand in your area. Learn strategic marketing tactics to leverage these installations for lead generation and drive... Read more
Residential and commercial solar buildings
March 14, 2024
Recent research suggests that non-residential solar installations, such as those on commercial buildings and schools, significantly boost residential solar adoption within the same zip codes. This "seeding" effect, proven to trigger a cascade of... Read more
one small red paper boat floating away on a white background from other white paper boats
February 28, 2024

Throughout the country, homeowners are starting to recognize the value and importance of clean energy and high-performance upgrades, like solar panels, heat pumps, insulation, and air sealing.

February 7, 2024
Find out what's in store for the solar energy industry in 2024 and what residential installers can do to prepare for upcoming challenges.
The role of AI in Solar Marketing
January 24, 2024

Not sure if AI can help your solar business? Learn more about the different ways to use ChatGPT and other chatbots for solar marketing this year.

Woman in the studio recording a podcast about home performance
January 3, 2024

Is your company or organization in the HVAC, home performance, or solar industries? Here are 11 podcasts you should be subscribed to in 2024.

Business Man Circling Hands Around A Crystal Ball
December 20, 2023
Take a look at our data-driven predictions for next year's marketing trends and how they'll affect your home performance, HVAC, or solar business in 2024. Start the new year with a conversation with Energy Circle today.