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Join Our Growing Team

Energy Circle is a nimble, dynamic team of smart, creative individuals who share a passion for the energy efficiency industry. We share a sense of mission for driving the industry in order to fix our country's buildings, improve our indoor environments, reduce our carbon emissions and minimize our reliance on dirty fuel sources. We're a small group but have a national reputation as a thought leader regarding how to massively expand our industry and, in turn, take on the global challenge of energy use in buildings.

Why Work Here?

The industry we're devoted to-- energy efficiency and renewable contracting-- is thriving. The drivers of our category - energy costs, climate change and the health and quality of the home environments-- are real and not going away (if you don't believe this, please don't apply). We offer cutting-edge marketing tools and services exclusively for this industry, and are helping to improve the business of hundreds of customers across the country.

The work atmosphere at Energy Circle is casual, laid-back and fun. We take the "human" principle seriously, and recognize that people have lives and interests outside the office. We also love our work and love to work hard. Sometimes it takes a sprint to get things done, but we're about sustainability and that applies to the workplace too. We like dogs, kids, coffee and getting together outside the office. We're a bunch of foodies, so team dinners are usually pretty tasty. Wiffle ball is usually involved.

Do you have to be an energy geek to work here? Short answer: No. Longer answer: We aim to bring the best expertise in internet marketing to bear on behalf of the better building community. So as long as you are resolutely passionate about your core expertise, whether it be web development or digital marketing, content production or SEO, you only need to be open to finding our founder's passion for renewable energy. Most of the people at Energy Circle have a larger sense of purpose about their role in the world, and the opportunity to do cutting edge internet work AND do so for the good of the world is... Well, in our view, just about the greatest job you could hope for.

We're extremely deliberate in our recruiting process. We want only the best candidates, so we're doing everything we can to make our compensation and benefits as good as the big, corporate bureaucracies. On that point, we despise bureaucracy and politics. This is a flat, open, transparent team structure where you'll have lots of autonomy as long as you are kicking ass. Did we mention that we get to do all this great work in the awesome region of Greater Portland, Maine?

Energy Circle LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, genetic information, ancestry or national origin.

Our Location

Energy Circle's office is located in the heart of downtown Portland on Congress Street. Our newly renovated office provides us with lots of space for the team to spread out and work together or quietly alone. With coffee shops and restaurants right outside, the choices for lunch and after work get-togethers are unlimited. It's an energetic and feel-good environment.

Open Positions

We are always accepting applications, by the way. Even if we don't have a job opening listed, we don't ignore excellent talent. If you feel you're a fit, let us know. Blow us away with your application materials and we'll be in touch.