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Animate & Educate: The Benefits of Using Videographics

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It’s taken you many painstaking hours to scrutinize the details of your website, explaining to your potential customers the ins and outs, pros and cons, and minute details of your HVAC, home performance or solar services. But with an ever shortening modern attention span and an increasingly competitive content landscape, are your customers actually taking the time to read?

We can show you some of the tools that not only better educate your customers but also increase your conversions and boost your SEO with a videographic.

What is a Videographic?

In short, a videographic is an animated explainer video. It might also be referred to as a motion graphic, or an animated infographic, but what you really need to know is that it looks like this:

How You Can Make One

There are many online tools out there for creating professional looking animated videos.

These videos are usually made using template animations that cover a wide range of emotions and subjects, with space for text (usually with an 80 character limit per short animation.) So while the viewer is reading and learning, these animations enhance understanding and retention by reinforcing the text. It’s like turning a boring paper brochure into a fun flip book.

One important step in making sure your videographic is as effective as it can be, is making sure your script is clear and concise. Include your keywords and your geo, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun!

Why Video?

We have learned a few things from our friends over at the video hosting and video marketing company Wistia about why video has become the future of content:

  • 92% of businesses who use video believe it has increased the customer’s understanding

  • 64% of businesses say video has directly led to sales

  • Animation makes numbers and data much easier to digest

How many times a day do you explain one of your businesses services? You’ve probably got your elevator pitch down. But why not take that pitch and make it shareable and easy to consume online? Cisco has estimated that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by as early as next year. So, you can bet that Google is weighing video content heavily.

According to Rank Pay:

“Google doesn’t just take text into account when it assesses the relevancy of your web page to a specific keyword. It also checks what other media you have to offer search engine users.”

The lesson here: your keyword relevancy and ranking can be boosted with richer video content. You likely already have a good outline of the copy on your site already, so break it down into a bite-size pitch, make a videographic, and put it on the relevant pages.

Make sure you add closed captioning, and upload your transcript when possible. This is how you make your video’s content crawlable. Google can’t actual tell what is in the video...yet.

Extra Pro Tip:

Do you have your social media game up and running? Upload it there too, and show your customers you are the go-to authority in your area for the services you provide. Maybe spend a little extra dough and run an ad with it. Who knows? Your customers may even share with their friends.

It’s Never Too Late To Animate

Many of our clients use videographics to enhance their website content — primarily to explain complex processes and benefits that go into their home performance, comfort and solar services. The bottom line here is that it can help a prospective customer better understand your service and its benefits, which can only help in closing the sale. And the fact that it can make your site easier to find in a search is an added bonus!

Are you looking to finally get your game plan together for your HVAC, solar, or home performance website? We can help. Contact us to learn more about how a videographic can help with your digital strategy.


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