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The Digital Marketing Foundation Checklist for Solar

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Last week in our weekly webinar series, Energy Circle CEO Peter Troast unveiled a refreshed checklist for solar contractors looking to use their digital marketing tools for lead generation in the new low-touch, post-COVID world. We have kept a close eye on what this global pandemic means for the solar industry, and we’re finding that a shift is happening — a shift to digital.

Purchased leads and door-to-door sales are on the decline, and competition in all digital channels is on the rise. Now is the time to invest in your “digital foundation”, get ahead of the competition, and better prepare for the post-COVID era. 

Earlier this year, we released a comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Solar which includes detailed strategies, tactics and best practices for establishing your digital foundation.

Download the full Guide to Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Obviously, much has changed and continues to change as we weather the current Coronavirus pandemic, and it is important to ensure that our marketing strategy is keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape. So, we’ve revisited our comprehensive guide, and produced a summarized checklist, updated to reflect the shifting digital landscape and increase in competition. As the shift to digital lead generation continues to gain momentum, this checklist will serve as a quick reference for those critical first steps every Solar contractor should be taking to shore up their online presence, and set themselves up for a successful transition to the new low-touch, post-covid world.

Brand & Digital Foundation Checklist

  • Strong Website

    • Well designed & easy to use

    •  Prominently features your COVID safety protocols

  • Google My Business

    • Aim for 100+ reviews

    • Updated with any hours of operation changes

  • Reviews

    • Aim for 100+ reviews

  • Local Search & Content

    • Relevant video content

    • Blog topics can include:

      • Push for ITC savings

      • Financing options

      • Your safety protocol

  • Digital systems & Virtual skills

    • Are you able to take virtual meetings via zoom or other video conferencing?

    • Is your process smooth and seamless?

    • Is your sales team prepped for the difference between virtual interaction and face to face interaction?

Active Solar Lead Generation Checklist

  • Google Ads

    • Amplify your content

  • Facebook Ads & Audiences 

    • Additional content amplification

    • Utilize the power of custom audiences for a targeted, qualified reach

  • Referrals at Scale

    • Is your referral program up and running?

The Pandemic Will Pass — Your Website Will Remain!

Though parts of our world have felt upside down or in a state of constant change, one thing that will remain on the other end of it all is the importance of your website. Take this time to invest in your digital foundation: create content, start building your experience with paid search ads, and drop your reliance on purchased leads. Looking to get into the details about any of the points on this checklist? Download our free PDF here

Have more specific questions about how to prepare your solar business for digital lead generation? Get in touch with us today!


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