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Energy Circle: Why Our Approach Is Different From Many Marketing Firms

Peter Troast

Contractors face a daily barrage of marketing companies pitching their wares, ranging from rabid dog sales reps from Yelp and Home Advisor to boiler rooms of SEO experts promising #1 rankings. From the outset of Energy Circle, we’ve wanted to be different. Here are the core philosophies that separate us from the vast sea of marketing and lead gen firms.

We’re industry exclusive.

We specialize in marketing exclusively for home performance, HVAC, insulation, solar contractors and other professionals in the better building sector. We do this because we are on a mission to make buildings in the U.S. healthy and efficient and know that can only happen via a thriving sector of excellent contracting companies.

We know the business, and exactly what marketing tactics work best.  

Fixed price approach—we don’t charge per lead.

We believe in a fixed monthly fee pricing model. This benefits our clients in two ways: (1) there are no billing surprises and (2) your actual cost per lead typically declines over time. In other words, as we get better and more efficient, we pass those savings on to you in the form of ever declining CPL’s, more efficient customer acquisition and better revenues.

If  marketing efficiency improves, which it should, shouldn't your price per lead follow?

No contracts.

At Energy Circle, we don’t require long term contracts; so your obligation to us is a month at a time. Our focus is on establishing long-lasting relationships built on trust, shared vision, and real results. We’ll report to you on a month-to-month basis to ensure our marketing efforts stay consistent with your business goals. Should you ever decide that you need a break from marketing with us, you’ll have the complete freedom to do so.

We stand on results.

You own your assets.

The core components of your marketing effort are assets of your business that have standalone value. A high performing website is as productive an asset for your company as an insulation truck and should be treated as such. When working with us, you own and control your assets. That includes your website, your Google Ads account, Analytics—everything.

Try asking ReachLocal for access to your Adwords account.  

Integrated and metrics driven.

We deploy the right mix of marketing activities for your business’s needs and don’t have one horse in the race. We understand the interaction between different tactics—how Facebook video can improve Google Ad conversion, for example—and manage a diverse mix of activities for optimal performance. Most importantly, we’re data driven and report in detail on the actual performance of the work we do on your behalf.

We’re transparent and report results in detail.

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