Energy Circle’s GoodReads Book Suggestions for 2020

During a leisurely pre-holiday pizza lunch, a few members of our team began to chat about our favorite books, what we’d read over the course of the year, and what remained on our TBR (‘to be read’) lists. There was a wide array of suggestions, including fiction and non-fiction, books about trees, and books about houses.

Serendipitously, we discovered that much of the writing that had captured our collective attention was related to what we spend every day thinking about: human behavior (marketing), improved home performance, and its relationship to sustainability (a prominent tenet of our mission). Our Founder and CEO Peter Troast recommended several volumes related to his early days as an environmental lobbyist, and our Director of Web and Operations, Bill, recommended House—a book on the topic which fascinated him before he even began working for the sectors we serve. 

We decided that this wealth of knowledge was too good to waste—what do we love at Energy Circle, after all, more than sharing what we’ve learned? So in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, we decided to set up a GoodReads account so that we might have a way to keep a record of all of the fantastic books we stumble across—and as a means to remind us to explore even more of the great writing out there. We’ll continue to add volumes we’ve already read or those that we wish to read, with a focus on our mission (sustainability and energy efficiency) our industry (marketing and consumer behavior), and the sectors we serve (HVAC, solar, home performance, and better buildings). 

Find us on GoodReads and follow along with our suggestions. Let us know what you think if you ever pick one of them up! And be sure to send your own suggestions our way—we love learning from you, too.

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