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Humor and Marketing Content: Have A Little Pun

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Why did the HVAC contractor cross the road?

He was running insu-late.

Last March, we wrote on the benefits of using emotional messaging in your marketing efforts. At the end of the day, no matter how you are marketing your HVAC, Home Performance or Solar business, it is important to show that your company is made up of unique, hardworking, intelligent human beings. And what’s more human than making a little joke here and there? Who knows — you may find some new fans… so why the duct not?

Having A Little Pun: H-V-A-See What We Did There?

Reading that very first joke, you could have a number of reactions — a smirk, an exasperated head roll, a laugh or even a sigh. But good or bad, these reactions can make your message more memorable and more effective in engaging and converting your potential customers. 

Writing about the technical aspects of the HVAC, Home Performance and Solar industries can get a little monotonous, especially when dealing with complex topics like building science. Of course, home comfort and energy efficiency are extremely important, but sometimes the message can get lost when a potential customer isn’t fully engaged, or, at the very least, a little entertained.

Laughing is Sharing

You’ve no doubt heard that laughter is the best medicine. Who doesn’t want to share a laugh with their friends? When you use humor in your blog titles, email subjects and website copy, you create an opportunity for someone to share that smile with a friend.

Think about a time you’ve developed an inside joke with a family member or a coworker – maybe it was a funny sign you saw on a road trip or something bizarre that happened when you all went out to lunch last week. Inside jokes lead to human bonding, and when you use humor you are helping your leads bond with your brand. Keep it light, keep it fun, and don’t be afraid to keep it funny!

Let’s look at the different ways you can insert some humor, no matter the business and no matter the channel.

Puns: For When You Just Need to “Vent”

You can groan all you want, but puns just might be the most universal of all jokes. Because puns are based on language, you really don’t need to know much about the technical details of HVAC, Home Performance or Solar to “get” them. They are also the foundation of the other types of humor that we will reference later.

Pro Tip: When you’re looking to find a good pun, start with the keyword you are looking to use. Take the term “mini-split.” Seems impossible to make a pun out of that, right? Not when you think about marital arguments over the temperature of a home.

"Can't agree on room temperature? Don't get a divorce... get a mini-split"

(This one is a favorite around our office.)

Rhymes: Educate and Insulate

Though this may not always be considered a joke, you can count on a rhyme to bring a smile. You can even use existing rhymes and phrases to punch up a normally boring topic:

“We tip our hats to thermostats”

“Energy bill frustration? How ‘bout a solar installation?”

“Twinkle twinkle, ENERGY STAR….”

Pop Culture References

A classic movie quote or borrowing a line from the radio hit of the summer – a quick pop culture reference can really resonate. But be warned; you’ve got to know your audience! “Frankly my dear, I don’t give an Ice Dam” or “Climate Control to Major Tom” might not always hit with Millennials, but then again borrowing from rapper Lil’ Jon with “Turn Down (the thermostat) for What?” might completely fly over the heads of Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers.

Another way to go is to strike while the viral iron is hot. Remember when everyone was talking about what color the dress was? What a great opportunity to use the line “Arguments over blue or gold have you heated? Cool down with a new air conditioner!”

You don’t have to be the next Jerry Seinfeld to bring a smile to your potential customers. So don’t be afraid to show your funny bone; it just might make the difference when someone is looking to hire a contractor that will be working in their homes. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get all your ducts in a row and get to the punchline!

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