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Introducing Ghosts or Gusts

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Energy Circle Launches Unscripted Reality Series

In the HVAC, home performance, and solar sectors, one of the most significant challenges that contractors and business owners face is not just in delivering their services, but in educating their customers about the profound impact these services have on their lives. It's about illuminating the intricate link between a home's performance and the comfort, health, and efficiency of the environments we live in—what we see, smell, breathe, and feel every day within our walls.

Knowledge is Power (And Leads)

The more the public knows about building science, the more likely they are to book services with the contractors doing the work in their area. With this vision in mind, Energy Circle is excited to unveil our groundbreaking unscripted reality series, hosted by the insightful and entertaining Cassandra Hutcheson, where we embark on a mission to dispel myths and misunderstandings surrounding homes and commercial buildings perceived as haunted, using nothing but the solid principles of building science.

Pilot Episode Available Now

Our pilot episode takes us to Portland, ME, where Cassandra collaborates with a local landlord facing tenant complaints about eerie sounds, mysterious drafts, and unusual odors. Through the lens of home performance, they tackle these issues head-on, uncovering practical solutions and demonstrating the vital role home performance services play in creating healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient living spaces.

This series is more than an exploration of the misunderstood aspects of our homes; it's a testament to the power of education and understanding in our industry. By showcasing real-world applications of home performance science, we aim to enlighten, entertain, and inspire action among homeowners and the public at large.

Join us for the pilot episode available now, and see firsthand how building science not only debunks myths but also shines a light on the critical work we do, improving lives one home at a time.

Ghost or Gusts

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