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The Pets of Energy Circle

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Alongside the desks and computer-laden laps of many of our website developers, digital marketing account managers, content writers, and paid search managers, is often a dog begging for its next treat interval, or a cat hoping to make some keyboard additions and Zoom cameos. These furry family members may not actually come up with the digital marketing strategies and industry-specific digital tools that Energy Circle handles each day, but they sure do inspire their companions to do so. 

This year, in the return of The Dogs of Energy Circle,  we decided it was time to give our pets the “school picture day treatment” that many of us were subjected to back in the 90s - lasers and all.

*No pets were harmed during the production of these photos - we relied upon ample treat-giving and spy-like pet-paparazzi maneuvers.


A small calico cat named Biscuit with big green eyes and a startled expression

  • Age: 4 1/2
  • Birthplace: Kittery, ME
  • Superpower: Invisibility (used in presence of strangers)
  • Preferred meal: Crunchies
  • Favorite movie: Anything where other animals are on screen (or footballs)
  • Where would Biscuit go on a week's vacation?: Top shelf of the hallway closet
  • What would Biscuit's title be if they worked at Energy Circle: Ah-purr-ations Director

Ernie C.

Ernie Cook the Cat, a mischievous-looking yellow fellow on an 80s-style laser backdrop

  • Full Name: Ernest Cook
  • Age: 7 months
  • Birthplace: A trailer park in Ohio
  • Superpower: Playing fetch like a dog & knocking wine corks off tables
  • Preferred meal: Temptations -  chicken flavor (only when the bag is shaken properly to alert him)
  • Favorite movie: Ernie and his 25 year old mother enjoy the child's show Bluey together
  • Where would Ernie go on a week's vacation? The Berkshires (specifically under my mother's dining room table)
  • What would Ernie's title be if they worked at Energy Circle? VP of Snuggles & Meowing

Ernie G. (yes, we have 2 Ernies!)

ernie gregoritch the dog who looks elderly, dignified, and venerable, superimposed over an 80s mall photoshoot style backdrop

  • Full Name: Ernesto Rodriguez Gomez III
  • Age: 12
  • Birthplace: Mount Pleasant, PA
  • Superpower: Formerly faster than lightning
  • Preferred meal: Yours
  • Favorite movie: The Birds
  • Where would Ernie go on a week’s vacation? Back to bed
  • What would Ernie be titled if they worked at Energy Circle? Head of Banana sales


a handsome black dog named finn in various poses against an 80's style laser background

  • Aliases: Finn-Dog, Mr. Finn Dog, The Bear
  • Age: 6
  • Birthplace: Buxton, ME
  • Superpower: Can smell the grossest thing from a mile away and consume it
  • Preferred meal: What you're eating
  • Favorite movie: The window to the front yard
  • Where Finn goes on a week's vacation? Scarborough Beach so he can eat what's left of that rotting seal carcass and dig holes in the sand.
  • What would Finn’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Coordinator Of Sticks


a sweet little black and tan hound with Doberman coloring and gray on her muzzle wearing a black and red buffalo check sweater and staring doe-eyed into the camera

  • Aliases: Rue Pawl, Rue-baloo, Rueful Rue, Ruby Rue Who
  • Age: 10
  • Birthplace: Just outside of Ithaca, NY
  • Superpower: Spinning in cyclone-inducing circles
  • Preferred meal: A bacon cheeseburger or a well-done steak; Rue doesn't much care for actual dog food: it's usually a trap to distract her from imminent abandonment–or foes!
  • Favorite movie: Any Muppet movie, because she is one
  • Where would Rue go on a week's vacation? Ideally, nowhere! The world is big and scary and full of foes. But if she has to, she enjoys a seaside sojourn as long as she doesn't need to get wet. Or go outside. Or ride in the car.
  • What is Rue's title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Spin(s) Master

Shadow and Quill

two handsome German Shepards, one black with some dignified salt and pepper on his face, the other a slightly younger brindle


  • Age: 7
  • Birthplace: Colorado
  • Superpower: Can get the car to places much faster by whining a lot
  • Preferred meal: Bacon and frozen blueberries
  • Favorite movie: Forest Gump
  • Where would Shadow go on a week's vacation? A mossy woodland amoungst the squirrels
  • What is Shadow’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Time Management Pawfficer


  • Full Name: Quilberto
  • Age: 2
  • Birthplace: Probably Maine
  • Superpower: Carrying branches through rough terrain
  • Preferred meal: Sticks of butter
  • Favorite movie: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Where would Quill go on a week's vacation? A staycation with a herd of deer
  • What is Quill’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Security Guard


a cute red-coated Vizsla named Tractor does his best impersonation of a Meerkat

  • Full Name: Tractor Redfang Lonestar
  • Age: 8
  • Birthplace: Plano, TX
  • Superpower: Super light speed running and transforming into a Meerkat.
  • Preferred meal: Wagyu steak
  • Favorite movie: Moana
  • Where would Tractor go on a week's vacation? The beach
  • What would Tractor’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Senior Customer Barkitect


a cute, puppy-ish looking small black and tan mutt on an 80's background, licking his snoot in one shot

  • Full Name: Winston Douglas Veilleux-Hutcheson
  • Age: 5
  • Birthplace: Somewhere on the mean streets of Arkansas (i say mean streets bc he came to us with scars)
  • Superpower: Super-sonic speed
  • Preferred meal: Croissant with a side of peanut butter and watermelon
  • Favorite movie: Moana
  • Where Winston go on a week's vacation? Anywhere where he can hike off leash
  • What would Winston’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Pup-lick relations


a svelte white and tan Greyhound in 3 images on an 80s laser background, one image featuring his little toofs

  • Aliases: Mickles Sweet Pickles
  • Age: 7
  • Birthplace: Florida Man
  • Superpower: Sleeps 25+ hrs a day
  • Preferred meal: Nuggets w/ a generous splash of water
  • Favorite movie: Anything, so long as he gets to sleep through it
  • Where would he go on a week's vacation: A walk in the woods followed by a day long nap
  • What would Mickey's title be if they worked at Energy Circle: Chief Paper Shredder


3 images of a sweet Bengal kitty named Yeezy superimposed over an 80s style laser background

  • Full Name: Yeezy Hamilton Veilleux-Hutcheson
  • Age: 8
  • Birthplace: Maine
  • Superpower: Devastatingly good looks
  • Preferred meal: Bacon and tuna
  • Favorite movie: He's too sophisticated for movies, he prefers the movie nature provides him from his viewing perch
  • Where would Yeezy go on a week's vacation? The third floor of our apartment, just sitting outside the neighbors door. Not sure why, but when he escapes that's where he goes.
  • What is Yeezy’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Director of naps and chaos


a sweet white and tan hound wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and smiling up at the camera superimposed on an 80s style photo background

  • Full Name: Moss Ladywell Honey
  • Age: 4 - almost 5
  • Birthplace: Dublin, GA
  • Superpower: Fog horn impersonator and chipmunk magnet
  • Preferred meal: Chicken and beef twist rawhide chews from Target and fries
  • Favorite movie: Neighborhood Watch -  The Reality Series
  • Where would Moss go on a week's vacation? A never-ending road trip with the windows down somewhere in the woods or mountains
  • What would Moss' title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Chief Trash Inspector


a dignified-looking black and white dog who bears the air of a long-suffering WWI nurse on an 80s-style laser background

  • Age: 11
  • Birthplace: Meridian, ID
  • Superpower: The art of subtle begging and playing the long game
  • Preferred meal: Soup bones from her grandmother’s house
  • Favorite movie: Downton Abbey
  • Where would Sara go on a week's vacation?: Her cabin in central Idaho
  • What is Sara’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle?: Office Hallway Traffic Controller


a small black and white cat filled with mischief and ennui on an 80's style laser photo backdrop

  • Age: 3? 5? A lady never tells.
  • Birthplace: Puerto Rico
  • Superpower: Managing to put her rear end in your face at all times, without fail.
  • Preferred meal: That one Iams wet food that consistently experiences production delays and nothing else.
  • Favorite movie: Birds (NOT the Alfred Hitchcock version, the picnic table one).
  • Where would Luna go on a week's vacation? In between the mattress and the bed frame.
  • What would Luna’s title be if they worked at Energy Circle? Head plant inspector + pruner.

Always a “Ruff” Day at Work

This is by no means an exhaustive roster - not all of our furry family members revel in the spotlight. But this cast of characters contributes to the overall heartbeat of Energy Circle, and as a feel-good story for the end of 2022, we wanted to share these fuzzy faces in hopes of bringing a smile to yours.

Happy holidays, from the entire Energy Circle team!


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