Video Recap: Energy Circle’s 2019 Retreat | Portland, ME

Video Recap: Energy Circle’s 2019 Team Retreat

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2019 marked the second year that the Energy Circle team has taken a few late-fall days to break from our everyday work schedule and gather offsite for team building and long-term strategic planning.

Equal parts fun and informative, we’re now back in the office, looking ahead to the end of 2019 and the new year with enthusiasm and initiative. But we put together this video so everyone else can get a glimpse of what happens when you put 18 EC employees in a ski house for three days in November!

Both years we’ve traveled north of Portland to Newry, ME, right off the slopes of the Sunday River Ski Resort, and this year was particularly special because every member of the EC team was in attendance, including our remote employees.

Some of the ideas and initiatives we’re most excited about include:

  • New and improved methods for staying on top of the ever changing Google landscape (especially that whole GMB situation!), and lots of actionable strategies for leveraging everything we already know about Google’s algorithms and biases to proactively improve our Organic and Local SEO service offerings.

  • Enhancements and additions to technology and features available on the Energy Circle web platform - like new landing page templates, more 3rd party integrations for CRMs and Appointment Scheduling, and improved performance and security with software and server upgrades.

  • Integrating more automation tools (like Zapier, Google Data Studio, Slab, Publer, or Sendible, just to name a few) into our daily processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of everything from performance tracking and reporting; to content amplification and posting to social media and GMB; to importing, filtering, and displaying reviews on websites. 

  • Improving our lines of communication with each other and our clients by planning and producing highly comprehensive, knowledgeable, and useful content through webinars, blog posts, newsletters, in-person events, and even more. (Hint: we’re thinking about some kind of dynamic feed, folks… so you never have to be away from the collective EC mind for even a moment… if you don’t want to!) 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! When some of the smartest, most dedicated digital marketers in the home performance, HVAC, and solar industries spend three days together exchanging knowledge and ideas on how to help connect more contractors and service providers with better customers so they can build more successful businesses and contribute to a cleaner, greener future for us all - the result is pretty darn exciting! And we can’t wait to start implementing these strategies on behalf of all of our valued clients and partners!

From fireside brainstorms to an energetic game show-style event testing just how well we think we know our coworkers, the 2019 Retreat was an opportunity to unwind, look ahead to 2020, and treat ourselves to some excellent home cooking (and grilling!).

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