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Complete Guide to Search Engine Marketing for Solar

Search Engine Marketing, otherwise known as pay-per-click (PPC) or simply Google Adwords, is a very effective way for local solar contractors to profitably self-generate their own leads.

The goal of this guide is to share our lessons learned from spending $250,000 on solar campaigns over the past 12 months, generating leads for our clients for between $100 to $200.

We wrote the guide for residential solar contractors that have the following goals:

  • No longer want to buy leads from lead generators and are interested in learning how to self-generate their own leads.
  • Need to figure out how to compete with large national players that have massive SEM budgets and can drown out local players.
  • Are investing in building a long-term sustainable local business and believe that having a great online presence is part of this.
  • Would like to generate leads for under $200 that close are between 10% and 20%.
  • Are spending, or plan to spend, at least $2,500 per month on SEM campaigns.

What data is this guide based on?

  1. Lessons learned spending over $250,000 on solar terms over the course of the past 12 months.
  2. Generated solar leads for between $100 and $200 that convert at between 10% to 20%.
  3. Tracked over 350 solar terms.

What you’ll learn after reading this guide?

  1. SEM(PPC) terminology
  2. Unique aspects of solar vs. standard SEM
  3. Benefits & characteristics of a well-structured campaign
  4. How to identify profitable keywords in your service territory
  5. How to analyze, troubleshoot and optimize your SEM campaign
  6. Why toneed connect your CRM to your SEM accounts so you can understand if your campaigns are profitable or not.