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Google Posts allow service area businesses to display custom and controlled content on Google's search engine. Google Posts are available to everyone, so we compiled a list of ways to use Google Posts that will help your brand stick out.
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Many in our industry like to see data-heavy and highly technical pieces or think that something is important to their customers just because it’s important to them — but is that what the customer wants to see as well? What is too technical?
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With the way your home performance, HVAC or solar installation company is set up, you rely on having leads constantly coming through phone calls or form submissions on your website. It’s then on your team to respond accordingly, and ultimately close the sale.
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Your website can either be your biggest roadblock or your greatest asset in your digital marketing efforts. Which one will it be for you? If your website currently isn’t generating the leads you want it to for your business, it might be time to reassess.
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If you’re like most business owners you’re always looking for simple and effective ways to spruce up your marketing strategy to make your business more competitive. If you aren’t one of those people, then this blog isn’t for you.
Review Management Best Practices
So it happened. The review that no one wants. You work tirelessly to train your employees to treat each customer's project with care, accuracy and respect, so how is it possible for you to get a bad review?
Yelp cracks down on soliciting reviews from customers

If you have ever dealt with Yelp filtering reviews, you know that they don’t mess around. It is essential to get this process underway quickly. The last thing you need is for your Yelp rankings to drop because you couldn’t answer three simple questions.

How to tell where your customers are viewing your website in Google Analytics
There are infinite ways that someone could get to your website. People from Florida could be reading a blog at the same time as someone in your service area could be looking for a furnace replacement. How can you tell the difference?
Is your SEO a Nightmare?

Energy Circle is sharing spooky online marketing stories that will frighten you into never making these mistakes. So step into your costumes, prepare your candy bowl, and get ready for the fright of the Halloween season.

Google as your home page
The Google SERP is made up of lots of different moving parts, some of which you have total control over and others that require lots of work to change. If there is something negative on your brand’s SERP page you should be doing everything in your power to change or remove it.


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