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Steps toward increasing energy efficiency these days have less to do with idealism and eco-consciousness than with common sense and basic economics. For sure, Disney's efforts to green up will require substantial up-front investment. But equally sure is the fact that these investments will pay off.
TED, The Energy Detective, is our favorite whole house energy monitor. We love its precision, the reams of information about your home's energy usage, and the ease of the install. This video demonstrates in a few minutes how easy it is to get TED up and running.
A lot of people live in apartments, and a lot of us, unless we're real lucky, have to pay utilities. Which means: heat, electricity, water. Out of our pockets. That's home energy straight up.
TED, The Energy Detective Whole House Electricity Monitor
TED, The Energy Detective is finally getting it's due. For months, we have trumpeted the benefits of this whole house electricity monitoring device, and benefited from its lessons.
While you are waiting for the mass-market availability of a RainPod (which looks a bit like an alien spaceship sculpture) or a Rainchain (elegant Japanese links), don't despair. You can start seamlessly and painlessly conserving water at home.
There will be a day when we will not think of buying a house without knowing how it uses energy, just as the day came when we would not invest in a house without an inspection.
Suzuki isn't selling toothpaste or funky wire glasses in those goofy public service ads. He is hawking the future, one energy efficient light bulb at a time.
At 55 bucks, the Aube thermostat pays for itself in under four months. After that you'll be saving $15 a month forever, without even noticing a difference in temperature. Pretty good.
If you think your entertainment center goes OFF when you turn it off, you are a trusting soul. In fact, your DVD player is still ON, running its bright red clock all night long. Your Wiitm remotes are still ON, waiting for a chance to spring into action again...
Your house wants to be efficient. Really. Just like my body wants to be in shape...


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