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We know that virtually any effort we make to improve our home's energy efficiency is going to pay off. Big time, usually. But when we first set out to find the information we needed to evaluate what the problems in our home were, and fix them, we found a hole. We wanted facts about R-value and...
Ice Storm
We awoke this morning to an ice storm encompassing much of Maine. We lost electricity around 3:30 AM. School's canceled, and everyone's asleep, but I got up early to assess our situation, shake ice off my beloved apples and lilacs, and investigate the snapping tree limbs I'd been listening to in...
All I want for Christmas is...Google Energy Analytics. You've heard this from us a lot -- and you'll keep hearing it -- measuring is the first step. It's an old saw but a true one. You can't manage what you can't measure.
"President-elect Obama is going beyond just pouring concrete. Investments in energy efficiency, modern schools and information technology offer hope for longer-term prosperity... [Obama] appears to grasp the national desire to act in ways that make the country stronger for the long run." - Seattle...
Seems to me, batteries are nothing but trouble. And not only because I sometimes let them rot and corrode inside flashlights during the non-camping months, because light bulbs can corrode and get stuck, too..


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