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The Power of the Net Promoter Score For HVAC
There are four types of people in the world: promoters, neutrals, detractors and those who ask the net promoter score question.
Email Newsletters Are A Fantastic Way To Drive Traffic Back To Your Website

Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers on a regular basis and remind them of your services and marketing initiatives. Reaching your customers on a monthly or quarterly basis will (ideally) have them considering their HVAC and home performance during every season. ...

Springtime Marketing Strategies for HVAC

Happy spring! With temperatures on the rise, now is the time to ramp up marketing initiatives for springtime customer acquisition. Increasingly diversified marketing channels means there are a number of ways to reach people...

The Correlation Between Backlinks & Domain Authority
Domain Authority is one of the most recognized indicators of website quality. Find out what our data from 70+ home performance companies tells us about Domain Authority.
Saying that we’re selective in our hiring process is perhaps an overused statement, we realize. Who isn’t selective when building their team? But with the influx of resumes we received throughout 2015 and into this year, we quickly learned we needed to work even harder to improve our process to...
Google's Cities for Home Services Ads | Energy Circle
Google has been making some radical changes to the way local service search works. Google Home Services is not simply a new form of paid search ad. What Google is potentially creating here is an entire ecosystem for how local services get discovered and engaged by homeowners in the SF Bay Area.
Blank Space: Google Drops Paid Sidebar Early 2016
We’ve said it before, but the only constant to Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) is change. Once again, Google has made a monumental change that affects a huge percentage of searches -- this time focused on the paid search results.
The Web of Keyword Suggestions | Energy Circle
In the world of successful, discoverable content, keywords are, well, key -- an invaluable piece of content strategy. A well-formatted, error-less piece of writing is great, but if it doesn’t incorporate words and phrases that Googlers are actually Googling, it can get lost in the internet ether....
2016: Home Performance, Solar, Programs & More | Energy Circle
We’ve previously discussed energy prices, new financing options, the march of solar, the Uber-ization of home services, the role of health as a driver and the evolution of utility efficiency programs. Here are few of the key trends that Energy Circle is excited about.
2016 Marketing Predictions for Home Performance
Digital marketing will continue to advance in 2016 and will shape the specific tactics that successful home performance organizations need to have in their overall lead generation mix.


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