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Evaluating (& Strengthening) Your Brand Awareness & Messaging
We know firsthand that trust and credibility play an essential role in the quantity and quality of the business you get, particularly for professionals who are entering customers’ homes on the regular. Well, short of surveying a sample population directly, there are not many key metrics that...
Solar Worcester SERP
A personalized solar calculator from Google’s Project Sunroof has officially entered the SERPs (search engine result pages). People often say things like “my roof isn’t sunny enough” or “solar is just too expensive!” Project Sunroof provides an easy and often (to homeowners) surprising answer to...
Air Sealing Interest Over Time

As summer draws to a close, it’s important to keep your marketing efforts and campaigns seasonally relevant and enticing to customers gearing up for colder temperatures. As Peter reviewed in our most recent webinar about fall and winter marketing tactics, being...

How Bad Is Your Home For The Planet?
A recently posted article in The New York Times, “How Bad Is Your Air-Conditioner for the Planet?”, could have been even stronger had it been titled: “How Bad Is Your Home for the Planet?”.
website maintenance, website strategy
Many of our clients tell us that when it comes to truly high-performance buildings, one that is well-maintained may outperform another that uses the most advanced equipment on the market. As a digital marketer, when I hear this, I think, “DUDE...exactly!”
Facebook's latest update: What you need to know
Facebook’s latest algorithm change has set many home performance businesses’ and social media marketing strategists’ plans for organic content ablaze, but are circumstances really so dire?
Countdown to Fall Starts Now. Is Your Marketing Ready?
As the summer sun slowly fades, the countdown to fall begins. With the change of season upon us, it’s time to make adjustments to guarantee business keeps flowing your way. Fall, traditionally, is an excellent time of year for HVAC and home performance businesses.
Digital Marketing During Peak Cooling Season
The response of many business owners during the busy summer season is to relax marketing efforts and turn them up in the off-season. Marketing is about attracting customers and explaining to the public the value of your services. So why wouldn't you optimize your marketing during the peak season,...
Local Home Performance Companies Vs. Big Shot Directories
The competitive reality of search marketing is that contracting companies are not only competing against other contractors, but also against paid ads, Google’s many new search result products and, most significantly, directories like Yelp and Angie’s List.
What Drives Organic Success for Local Businesses?
With all the changes that Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) have gone through within the last year, we took it upon ourselves to reevaluate the state of organic search.


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