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September 30, 2020

Google and its properties such as Google My Business continue to dominate the local search field, but may face competition from Apple's foray into local search with its new Apple Maps functionalities. What does this mean for other review...

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hvac contractor with mask and gloves
September 16, 2020

Six months into the Coronavirus pandemic, we're taking a look at some of the biggest ways COVID has impacted the HVAC, home performance and solar industries and discussing how to pivot marketing strategies to address these changes

Energy Circle HVAC system
September 3, 2020
Do COVID-19 guidelines regarding commercial ventilation, air filtration, and purification exist, and if so, can the Energy Circle office’s HVAC system meet them? In the latest installation of our series on ventilation, our team investigates.
image depicting ventilation in an office illustration
August 26, 2020

Learn more about the growing consensus on the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19, and media coverage around proper ventilation and air purification in commercial office buildings and schools. Energy Circle details our own HVAC system as we...

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illustration of facebook on laptop screen
August 20, 2020

Get answers to your questions about Facebook advertising from the digital marketing experts at Energy Circle. Find out if running Facebook ads is the right solution for your home performance, HVAC, or solar business, learn how to best utilize...

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House IAQ words with tree in center
August 12, 2020

Learn more about the current models of IAQ monitors available to home performance and HVAC contractors, and how you can find the right devices for your business. Take advantage of increased consumer interest in healthy home services with the...

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illustration depicting a home's ventilation system
August 5, 2020

Learn more about the rising interest in healthy homes and indoor air quality this year due to the coronavirus, and why ventilation will likely be the next big thing in HVAC. Get ahead of the marketing curve and position yourself as an industry...

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hand pressing play on transparent video screen
July 22, 2020

Learn more about the effect that modular video marketing can have on your business with this in-depth case study from Energy Circle. Using actual data and metrics from an EC client's recent campaign, we show you how video marketing can be used in...

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solar panels on modern house roof
July 8, 2020

What is the data saying about how lead generation is changing for the solar industry during a global pandemic? Learn how to better prepare your solar contracting business, with a digital marketing foundation that is geared toward lead generation...

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July 1, 2020

Video Recap: Peter Troast talks to Scott Needham and Keith O'Hara about their experience joining a peer group, and the benefits it has provided their HVAC and home performance businesses. Learn more about joining a peer group from the digital...

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