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The Value of A Branded Adwords Campaign
Google Adwords is a great tool for lead generation. You can advertise to people at the exact moment that they are searching for your services, and you only pay when the searcher clicks on your ad (often for around $6 per click).
BrightLocal's 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey

There’s no shortage of marketing information online. Whether you’re looking to learn about SEO, paid search or some other digital marketing topic, the internet has no shortage of resources--type in the the term “Learn SEO” and Google returns more than 53 million unique results. Though the...

What is Googles Instant Answer?

You may have noticed a recent trend in search results: rather than give you a link to a website, Google is increasingly answering the question right in the search results...

Web Reviews in Google's Knowledge Graph: The Growing Prominence of Third Party Reviews
You know Knowledge Graphs, those nifty-looking, specialized search results from Google? When users conduct a brand search, Knowledge Graphs are usually displayed on the right hand column of the Google search results page. Recently, Google has added third party reviews of companies to their...
Evaluating (& Strengthening) Your Brand Awareness & Messaging
We know firsthand that trust and credibility play an essential role in the quantity and quality of the business you get, particularly for professionals who are entering customers’ homes on the regular. Well, short of surveying a sample population directly, there are not many key metrics that...
Solar Worcester SERP
A personalized solar calculator from Google’s Project Sunroof has officially entered the SERPs (search engine result pages). People often say things like “my roof isn’t sunny enough” or “solar is just too expensive!” Project Sunroof provides an easy and often (to homeowners) surprising answer to...
Air Sealing Interest Over Time

As summer draws to a close, it’s important to keep your marketing efforts and campaigns seasonally relevant and enticing to customers gearing up for colder temperatures. As Peter reviewed in our most recent webinar about fall and winter marketing tactics, being...

How Bad Is Your Home For The Planet?
A recently posted article in The New York Times, “How Bad Is Your Air-Conditioner for the Planet?”, could have been even stronger had it been titled: “How Bad Is Your Home for the Planet?”.
website maintenance, website strategy
Many of our clients tell us that when it comes to truly high-performance buildings, one that is well-maintained may outperform another that uses the most advanced equipment on the market. As a digital marketer, when I hear this, I think, “DUDE...exactly!”
Facebook's latest update: What you need to know
Facebook’s latest algorithm change has set many home performance businesses’ and social media marketing strategists’ plans for organic content ablaze, but are circumstances really so dire?


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