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Feedback for Our Sessions

Our CEO and Founder, Peter Troast

Energy Circle's CEO & Founder, Peter Troast, has presented dozens of different sessions to thousands of home performance and HVAC professionals across the US. The topics have ranged from Web Marketing 101: Making Your Website Perform to Adding Solar to an Integrated Contracting Business, Emerging Opportunities in Search & Social Marketing, and Healthy Homes & Home Performance: Communicating Your Business Offerings. He gets good marks as well. From all the sessions he presented at ACI conferences in 2015, 90% of the attendees "Highly Recommended" Peter's sessions to colleagues. He received a 94% in "Quality of Presentations," a 91% in "Value of the Content" and a "Communications" score of 95%.

What our audience has to say

"Loved all of the research that was shared."

"We are a loyal Energy Circle client and the presentation will have us calling them next week to look at some marketing pieces for our business."

"Bob and Peter should have a whole series of presentations together. Loved this session. This is literally the only session I've attended that kept me engaged the entire time."

"Excellent session."

"Peter is [an] amazing expert."

"Great session—need [many] more business-related sessions like this."

"My two favorite sessions all week were by Peter... amazing job!"

"Great speaker, kept your attention, very personable and easy to listen to! Great ideas!"

"Best presentation I attended"

"Reinforced some of our business practices, took away ideas to tweak others to be more attention-getting."

"Great speaker, kept your attention, very personable and easy to listen to! Great ideas!"

"Encouraged to revamp my website and become more active with it weekly."

"Successful at communicating the value of looking at our digital program structure and performance more frequently."

"Peter provides very relevant and insider information. Great presentation."

"Friendly presenter, excellent!"

"I would love a one-on-one session!"

"Encouragement to get back in the game as far as keeping content live."

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