Free 30-Minute Contractor Training: The Instant Gratification Homeowner—Is your Company Ready for Live Chat and Messaging?

This training is specifically for HVAC, Home Performance, Solar, and Insulation contractors who are thinking about adding Live Chat and/or Messaging functionality to their website or utilizing this communications medium for leads coming from Google and Facebook.

After attending the 30 minute training, you will be able to answer the following questions.

  1. What is the difference between Live Chat and Messaging?

  2. Where is messaging originating from?

  3. Will this service result in more leads?

  4. What are the options for staffing for Chat, and making it effective?

In this webinar, Peter Troast will walk us through the fast moving world of Live Chat and Website Messaging, as it applies to contractors.

On Wednesday, January 16th at 2pm EST, Energy Circle Founder and CEO, Peter Troast, will provide a free, 30 minute training on the future of using live chat and messaging services on websites, geared specifically towards the HVAC, home performance and solar industries.

Download webinar documents here: