Free 30-Minute Contractor Training: Optimizing your SEO for 2019

This training is specifically for HVAC, Home Performance, Solar and Insulation contractors who are looking to optimize the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on their website, and might be intimidated by the supposed “black art” of SEO. We will demystify.

You will be able to answer the following questions.

  1. What free tools are available to assess my website’s SEO?
  2. What are 3 steps I can take to rank higher for a specific keyword?
  3. What on-going optimizations are needed for SEO Best Practices?

Energy Circle works with 75 companies managing and optimizing their digital presence on a monthly basis. In this webinar, we will look at the fundamentals of SEO to give you an idea of what it takes to start ranking better on Google for a variety of keyword searches. This training will cover writing Meta Titles and Descriptions, the growing importance of Alt Text on images and how to make this happen on YOUR website.

Download webinar documents here: