Free 30-minute Training: Optimizing your Google Home Page for Lead Generation

The response to last week's webinar on "The Latest Trends on Google + Facebook" was fantastic and generated many follow up questions around the subject of Google as Your Home Page. How do I know if my Google page needs work? If there are problems, what are my options? So for this week's webinar we're going to focus ONLY on your Google brand search page and your Google My Business Knowledge Panel, or what many are calling "Google as your homepage."
In this 30 minute webinar, Peter will go over the key elements to assess the strength of your page and best practices for your Google My Business information. Reviews, categories, Q&A, posts and business hours will all be discussed and dissected, to provide you with tangible information to apply to your business. Oh and this Wednesday is Halloween, so we will hold our webinar on Thursday for this week.
Energy Circle Founder and CEO, Peter Troast, will take you through these key components of Google My Business and your company's organic search listings and how you can take control of your digital marketing in this FREE portion of Google.

Download webinar documents here: