Making Sense of UX and UI: Why user experience and user interface design are critical for lead conversion.

This training is specifically for HVAC, Home Performance, Solar, and Insulation contractors who are interested in ways to create the optimal user experience on their website.


After attending the 60 minute training, you will be able to answer the following questions.

  1. What is UX/UI and why should I pay attention to it?

  2. How do I optimize UX and UI for lead conversions?

  3. What are 3 areas to focus on when assessing my own website?

  4. How does UX/UI differ for Mobile?


In this live webinar, Peter Troast and Shawn Cohen, our Director of Digital Strategy, will walk us through the complex world of UX/UI in this engaging interview style webinar. Using real examples of websites, matched up with real data, we will uncover the tricks to increasing engagement on your website.


On Wednesday, January 30th at 5pm EST, Energy Circle Founder and CEO, Peter Troast, will provide a free, 60 minute training on UX/UI/CRO, geared specifically towards the HVAC, home performance and solar industries.

Download webinar documents here: