The Most Important Marketing Metric: Critical Elements of a High Converting Website

Conversion Rate--the measure of how many anonymous visitors to your website turn into actual contacts that you can pursue as leads--is the most critical measure of the success of your marketing efforts. If your traffic-driving activities get prospects to your site, but those visitors aren’t compelled to contact you, your marketing efforts are for naught. With virtually every one of your leads passing through your website at some point in the sales process, achieving a strong conversion rate in the range of 10% is one of the highest impact levers in your marketing mix. Fortunately, there is a proven formula, tested over many years, that points the way to strong conversion. 

Learning Objectives

  • At least 11 key elements that all residential solar websites must have to be able to convert close to 10%

  • Understand why each conversion and design element is so critical

  • Real examples of websites that have each of these 11 elements so you can see what they look like. 

  • How to understand conversion rates of your entire website versus specific marketing channels

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