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Thoughts on energy efficiency, the business of home performance, growing a company and other potentially random topics from Energy Circle's CEO & Founder, Peter Troast.

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The digital marketing landscape is going to change drastically for Home Performance, HVAC, and Solar professionals in 2019, with a potential slowdown in the retrofit market, an increasing importance of online reviews, and the steady rise of video. See more of Peter Troast’s predictions here.
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The cause of better homes and better contracting businesses has lost its biggest champion, Mike Rogers, to a rare form of cancer. An industry visionary, incredibly exact person in business, and utter goofball, we’ll remember him for his unyieldingly high standards and spirited outlook on life.
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Many HVAC, home performance or solar businesses take the wrong approach to Facebook marketing. Learn how to build custom audiences in Facebook and then use those audiences to build brand awareness and generate more qualified leads for your business.
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From the outset of Energy Circle, we’ve wanted to be different than everyone else in the marketing world. Here are the core philosophies that separate us from the vast sea of marketing and lead gen firms.
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Take a look at the digital marketing trends for HVAC, insulation & home performance contractors as summer comes to a close: staying atop your Google My Business Page, prospect behaviors, Google’s Local Service’s Ads and more from the digital marketing experts at Energy Circle.
3 Quirky Conferences You Should Consider Attending
You’re probably familiar with many of the “big” events that are held each year — Home Performance Coalition (formerly ACI), Solar Power Int’l, PHIUS and the new Contractor Leadership Live, just to name a few. Maybe, however, you have an appetite for something smaller and less formal, something that... Read more
The hidden dangers of buying leads
Relying too heavily on purchased leads is an addicting and ultimately dangerous path for HVAC, home performance and solar contractors. When all of your eggs are in one basket and you’re dependent upon potentially unreliable and expensive leads, you risk never achieving a sustainably growing, self-... Read more
Dewitt Kimball at the Mallett House, Maine

The Legacy of DeWitt Kimball

Our friend and Energy Circle client, DeWitt Kimball, died last week after a lionhearted, fearless and very personal fight against esophageal cancer. I was privileged to have been one of his caregivers, and had some indelible conversations with him in the... Read more

The Business of the Healthy Home
The nexus of healthy homes and home performance continues to be at the forefront of our industry’s hope for the future. But, for all the cheery prognostication (including my own), serious effort by smart people, real progress on credentialing, and general optimism, we are failing to focus on the... Read more
Energy Circle | 10 Reasons Why Google Home Service Ads are A Mistake
This was hard to write. We have a long relationship with Google. Their ad products are vital to the success of our industry. We have anxiously awaited the new Home Services Ads product and were excited to purchase them for our clients. But in the week or so that Google’s Home Service Ads (HSAs)... Read more