We measure our performance based on two things:

  1. The business success of the companies and organizations we serve and 
  2. The $1 Billion+ in building performance jobs that our client base has accomplished since our 2008 launch. Get the details here:
"136% increase in mobile traffic. 57% increase overall. Princeton Air's new site is a growth engine."
51% increase in organic sessions and a 41% growth in new site users since launch.
Incredible year-over-year improvements including a 144% increase in Organic Traffic and 86% growth in Conversions.
Founded in 1999, Warren Construction Group is a Maine-based residential and commercial construction company. From custom homes to campus buildings, the group, headed by Peter Warren, strikes a balance between foundational building principles and innovative construction techniques. The group works
109% increase in overall website traffic over the previous year.
"Energy Circle managed to double our conversion rates while cutting the costs in half."
"We received 92 leads in just over 1 month of site launch, more than a third of what we did in the whole previous year."
73.2% Growth in Organic and Direct Traffic.
"From the web developers to the content and online marketing teams, these are some of the most professional people I have ever worked with."

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1-on-1 Marketing Benchmark Analysis

Admit it...keeping up with digital marketing can be challenging. Let us help.

Having worked with over 400 companies across the US in the better building industry, Energy Circle has developed key benchmarks that every company should be meeting. Gain from our perspective with a 1-on-1 marketing benchmark analysis to see how your digital presence compares and learn about solutions to take your digital marketing to the next level. Your evaluation will include key areas such as website health/performance, SEO, reviews, content, conversion optimization and paid search engine marketing.

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