EnCircled: an Energy Circle Podcast

EnCircled: an Energy Circle Podcast

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Here at Energy Circle, we love a good podcast. So we decided we want to make one ourselves. Focused on all things marketing and specific to the better buildings sector we serve, the EnCircled podcast brings our hosts, resident audio-visual whiz Jake Van Paepeghem (whom you may recognize as our weekly webinar Host with the Troast) and Senior Content Strategist Cory Allyn together each episode to discuss marketing trends and industry intel with our team of experts. Each episode, conversations will include topics like current solar industry shake-ups, IAQ in our current COVID-19 climate, and how we really feel about Tom Brady. (Hint: it's... not great.)

You can find our episodes right here—available for listening now! We'll be sure to let you know each time a new one drops. You can also find Encircled: an Energy Circle podcast everywhere else podcasts can be found, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Available Episodes

Season 2, Episode 9 "Talking Electrification with Zach Lawrence and Gabe Lieb of Efficiency First California"


Season 2, Episode 8 "PPC vs. SEO: Where should you spend your time and money? with Peter Troast"


Season 2, Episode 7 "Addressing the FAQs about SEO"


Season 2, Episode 6 "The Three Problems We See from Contractors Writing their Own Content"


Season 2, Episode 5 "Google’s Local Services Ads: What Are They and Should You Be Running Them?"


Season 2, Episode 4 "Why 'Posting & Praying' Isn’t Enough Anymore - w/ Former Solar Recruiter, Caylin Henderson"


Season 2, Episode 3 "Online Reviews: How to get more of the positive, and how to handle the negative"


Season 2, Episode 2 "The Three Most Common Mistakes We See when Setting Up A PPC Account"


Season 2, Episode 1 "Are Streaming Ads Worth It for the Better Building Industry?"


Season 1: Episode 8 - Combing Through Peter Troast's 2021 Predictions for Marketing in the Better Building Industry


Season 1: Episode 7 - What Does the Future Hold for the Investment Tax Credit? with Abby Yolda


Season 1: Episode 6 - Common Misconceptions About DIY Websites with Ranganayaki Somaskandan


Season 1: Episode 5 - Where Facebook Fits Into your Marketing Mix with Rob Wilber


Season 1: Episode 4 - Is Call Tracking Really Worth It? with Ian Hammond


Season 1: Episode 3 - PPC Insights On When To Start Your Seasonal Campaigns, with Cassandra Hutcheson


Season 1: Episode 2 - Who is the authority on ventilation these days? With Cory Allyn


Season 1: Episode 1 — Looking at Solar Trends with guest Abby Yolda


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If you have any questions—about anything from ventilation calculations, to Facebook advertising, or what your customers are really Googling about their furnaces—drop us a line! The inbox at askEC@energycircle.com is always open, and we'll pick a few questions to answer every episode.


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