Tackling the Google Proximity Problem: New Tools to Measure Your Rankings

Proximity bias remains one of the most pressing issues for service area businesses looking to improve their SEO—an issue we at Energy Circle have returned to again and again as a priority focus for the business health of our clients. Fortunately, there are tools that can be used to protect against this bias, and optimize the local search algorithms. With the appropriate SEO tools, you can monitor rankings view reports of how keywords rank across your service area, and receive insight into where you are performing well and where you need to focus more effort. You can track your performance over time, and monitor how your customers view you.

In this webinar, Energy Circle Founder and CEO Peter Troast discusses how we use recommended tools to tackle the problem of proximity bias, and how you can implement these practices to grow your service area HVAC, home performance, or solar business.

Download webinar documents here: