Meet the Office Dogs of Energy Circle: Part 2

They steal all the comfiest chairs in our office. They’re all over our Instagram feed. They occasionally yelp for attention during our meetings. They even have their own emojis in the chat software we use.

We’re talking, of course, about our office dogs. Dogs in the workplace are known to reduce stress and even boost productivity, and we’d certainly say that is true of the pups who “work” here. You met a few office dogs last year. Now, after welcoming a few more Energy Circlers to our team, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a few more furry employees, as well. In this blog post, we’re taking a moment to introduce you to some of the newest (furry) members of the EC team.


Age: 8 in dog years; 51 in human years

Breed: Brittany Spaniel

Human companion: Shawn Cohen

NaNook is your quintessential purebred hunting dog — well, except for the fact that he’s afraid of guns, loud noises, and pretty much everything that moves. He doesn’t really fetch, either. He is, however, remarkably skilled at hunting down soft stuffed chew toys, ripping them open, swallowing the stuffing, and getting sick all over his owner’s car. (And he wonders why his owner so frequently takes his toys away…) He also likes to hang with fellow office dog Sara. 

NaNook and Sara discuss the finer points of a good SEO strategy.


Age: 8 years old in dog years; 51 in human years

Breed: Collie-lab mix

Human companion: Jake Van Paepeghem

Exactly the same age as NaNook, Sara may very well be NaNook’s long lost twin. Instead of guns and loud noises, her fear is much more menacing: metal sidewalk grates. She’s also not very fond of vacuums. She is, however, very fond of toys with the color green on them.

You can always identify Sara by her characteristic ears — one of them is always sticking up. Which one it is changes depending on her mood. We’re starting to think that she’s worried when it’s her left ear and jealous when it’s her right ear.


Age: 8 months in dog years; 10 in human years

Breed: English Bulldog

Human companion: Shannon Sinkin

At only eight months, Harold is the youngest pup who works here. He spent some of his earliest days of puppyhood learning to play with the other pups in the office and attempting to steal our food. Even when you can’t see Harold, you can usually find him by listening for his distinctive whining noise. (He’s a total attention seeker.)

There are two places Harold loves to sit: 1) in the sunlight (even if only in front of an office window), and 2) on top of other dogs.


Age: 4 in dog years; 32 in human years

Breed: Vizsla

Human companion: Cara Auty

Tractor’s full name is Tractor Redfang Lonestar. A 50-pound lapdog with webbed feet, Tractor is extremely attached to his favorite humans. He started his career when he was just a pup as a brew dog at a brewery with his dad. Now, Tractor polishes his digital marketing skills with his mom — which sometimes interferes with his dislike of anything that plugs in.

Tractor has several loves in life, including balls, Bark Boxes, beaches, swimming, running, and posing like a meerkat. Oh, and he loves our MPA, Jacquelyn.


Age: 6 in dog years; 42 in human years

Breed: Half Doberman, half hound

Human companion: Emily Ambrose

A lover of relaxing on the couch and sleeping under the covers, Rue is all about living her best life. When she’s not being a total couch potato, you can usually find her spinning in circles, snuggling with her favorite people, or begging said people for attention. She’s very, very loving, but she will be a little wary when she meets a new dog on the street. In addition to snuggling and sleeping, Rue is a major fan of dog treats and her kitty pal, Maisy.


Age: 1 year and 3 months in dog years; 18 in human years

Breed: Hound mix, potentially part Harrier

Human companion: Abby Yolda

A wild child at heart, Moss loves to run on the beaches of Maine. She is a little clumsy and uncoordinated, however, so she sometimes whacks herself in the face with her own tail in the process. When she’s not playing on the beach, you can usually find her hiking in the woods, enjoying a road trip with the windows down, playing a game of chase, or napping in the sun.

Moss also happens to be a major trash/food diva. Her favorite snack on earth? A peanut butter filled Kong.

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