Free 30-Minute Contractor Training: How to be Successful in Local Search and Combat Google’s Proximity Bias

In the quest to rank highly for the key service searches in your area--like “ductless mini split, Wichita, KS”--service area businesses face the challenge of Google’s bias towards a company’s physical address. As though we were coffee shops, Google will typically rank based on the proximity of the searcher to your business’s office location. Obviously, for companies with large service areas, this makes no sense, and is harmful. But there are workarounds and strategies to overcome this bias. In this webinar, Energy Circle’s Peter Troast  will show you the what, why and how of winning critical local searches.

3 Questions You’ll be able to answer after this webinar:

  1. What’s behind the way that Google ranks local searches

  2. How you can optimize to overcome Google’s bias

  3. Easy ways to “localize” content on your website to combat the proximity challenge

Download webinar documents here: