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A Look Back at Our Top 5 Energy Circle Blogs from 2018

Chris Davis

As we look back on the 50(ish) blogs we wrote in 2018, one thing is very clear: there was A LOT going on for contractors to pay attention to when it comes to digital marketing. There was rarely a month without an “intraweb” update that had a huge effect on lead generation strategies. Google and Facebook continued their dominance as we saw third-party sites like Home Advisor, Houzz and Yelp fail to keep up in the pay-to-play game. But it wasn’t all reporting on the news. We had some fun with the tricky world of Internet Acronyms and the precious four-legged friends that work beside us each day. Oh, and if you are wondering, the answer is yes, we did look at our analytics to determine which blogs got the most attention!

Thanks for following us in 2018, and we look forward to continuing our weekly tradition of delivering insightful blogs, complete with free downloads, webinar announcements and Pro Tips.

Here are some of our most popular posts from 2018:

1. 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey (12/12)

Why? Local search is crucial for Service Area Businesses and this report does an excellent job of aggregating industry leading professional knowledge in an understandable way.

About: Since 2008, Moz has conducted an annual Local Search Ranking Factors Survey. For the survey, hundreds of Local SEO experts are asked to rank the importance of various local search factors, and then their rankings are analyzed. This survey, in the words of Whitespark’s Darren Shaw, has become the “go-to resource for helping businesses and digital marketers understand what drives local search results and what they should focus on to increase their rankings.”

2. Got a Google Beacon in the Mail? (7/20)

Why? Google Beacon is a major addition to the proximity search game and how you can push alerts, notifications and deals to your customers. For mobile users, it’s a potential unwanted distraction that could fare well or badly for local businesses.

About: Did your HVAC, home performance or solar company receive a Google Beacon in the mail? Here’s what you need to know about what to do with this tiny, mysterious device from Google’s Project Beacon.

3. Google My Business & Single Platform (8/23)

Why? If a potential lead finds your Google Knowledge Panel on a brand search, you want them to easily find a way to contact you so they can hire you. Well, Google did something to stand in the way and we weren’t happy about it.

About: Without notice, Google has been inserting links to a service called Single Platform (a subsidiary of Constant Contact), in the knowledge panel of Google My Business listings for companies providing local services. We break this problem down in this blog.

4. CPC, GSC, MOM? Help! (6/26)

Why? BC, IMO, no one wants FOMO IRL when it comes to YOY digital updates, AIR? (Translation: Because, in my opinion, no one wants to miss out on real-time digital updates year over year, am I right?)

About: If you work with the team at Energy Circle, you probably hear marketing terms and acronyms thrown out like a foreign language and, hopefully, we have been clear in their meaning. But sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what each means. What follows is a list of terms, acronyms and other digital marketing phrases and what they mean in relation to your HVAC, Home Performance or Solar business.

5. Facebook, Things Are a-Changin’

Why? When are they not? In this important blog, we dissect the data breach and provide insightful information about audience building.

About: After the big data leak, Facebook is making some changes on how we advertise to users on their platform. While Facebook and third parties are working towards being GDPR complaint but still providing insightful audience information, procuring the perfect audience is in your hands.

Honorable Mention: Meet the Dogs of Energy Circle

Why? Because...just look at ‘em!

About: We are a dog-friendly office and these are just a few of the faces who worked with us in 2018. Since publishing this blog, we have 4 new dogs who have joined the crew and will be highlighted in 2019! Stay tuned for more furry friends who love building science.


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